Abortion and the Catholic Abdication of Political Power

I grew up as a Liberal Democrat in the 1950s and 1960s; my entire family was Democrat.  In 2008 my entire family (about 20 of us), with one exception, is Republican.  As a 16-year-old High School student in 1959 and before I became a U.S. Citizen in 1962, I was crazy for John F. Kennedy (JFK) similar to what we see today of youngsters for Barack Obama.  I plastered bumper stickers and signs all over the place for JFK.  On November 22, 1963, at approximately 10:00 AM, I was in an English class at California State University, Long Beach when I heard the news of the shooting of JFK in Dallas.  I got into my father’s 1961 Chevy Bel Air and raced home, crying the entire way.

It is estimated that in this time period over 80% of all Catholics were Democrats.  Before anything else, I need to say that the Democratic Party of the 1950s and 1960s looked nothing like today’s Democratic Party.  I left the party in 1990 due, mainly, to the fact that the Democrats were so pro-abortion and I had become pro-life sometime earlier.

In the 50s and 60s the Democratic Party was pro-life and by today’ standards would be considered conservative.  JFK, today, would be considered a conservative.   Something happened between the death of JFK and approximately 1980 – the Democrats became pro-abortion.  Some may object to this classification of “pro-abortion;” most pro-choice advocates would call it “pro-choice.”  “Pro-choice” is a fake word.  I want to be clear:  if you are pro-choice you are pro-abortion.  I see no logical way out of this.  In 1960, 78% of Catholics voted for JFK.

Most Democratic politicians in those days were pro-life: “Senator Edward Kennedy assured his constituents as late as 1971 that “abortion on demand is not in accordance with the value which our civilization places on human life.” George McGovern’s first choice for running mate in 1972, Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri, held pro-life views as did McGovern’s eventual running mate, Kennedy in-law and Peace Corps founder Sargent Shriver.”

After the early 1970s and the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion for any reason and at any stage of development, Roe v. Wade in 1973, the feminist movement gained power and popularity.  Feminist looked at Roe as a right they had gained.  At the same time many Democrats abandoned their pro-life stand and became pro-choice to appeal to the feminists and the left-wing of their party.  By the early 1980s most Democratic Catholic politicians like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and others switched their allegiance to the pro-choice side, for the same reason.  In 2004 the estimated Catholic population in the United States was 72 million, 25% of the entire population.  In 1980 the Catholic population of the United States was 52 million or 23% of the U.S. population.

As one fourth of the U.S. population, Catholics had and have today tremendous political power and could control, either political party if they were united and followed the teachings of their church. Certainly, when it comes to abortion, if in 1980 the Catholics had taken a stand against the Democrats and said no, abortion is wrong – we will not allow you to go there; if you do, we’re out of this party; the Democratic Party would have backed off and not become an abortion party like they are now.  Had they taken such a stand, the Democratic Party would still be pro-life today.  All you have to do to be certain of such a shift is to look at the recent stand the Democrats took against offshore drilling.  They stood firm until they saw that the majority of Americans were for offshore drilling.  Once they saw this they caved like a wet paper bag and changed their position.  Catholics had the power to shape their party but they abdicated it as they were of no consequence.

In Biblical times, the prophets, speaking for God, warned the Israelites that when they entered the Promised Land of Canaan, they were to eliminate all the residents there otherwise they would adopt the evil ways of the Canaanites.  They refused to follow what they were told.  When they did conquer the Promised Land, they not only did not eliminate all the inhabitants, they intermarried with them and ended up adopting their evil ways and their religion, such as the worship of the pagan god Baal.  The worshipers of Baal practiced child sacrifices, the killing of babies by throwing fully formed babies of various ages from birth to two to four years old in a fiery furnace and burned them to death, just to appeal to a made-up god of the harvest.  Well in the 1980s the Catholics repeated this same mistake, they adopted the evil ways of their party, such as abortion on demand – they adopted the worship of Baal, just like the Israelites of Biblical times.  What excuse did Catholics and their politicians give for this?  “We don’t want to push our belief on others.”  Total nonsense.  To this day you will hear this nonsense out of Catholic politicians such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and her fellow “Canaanites.”

The fact that the Catholics abdicated their power to the left wing of their party and to the feminist agenda is one of the clearest show of moral deficiency in our history.  When we end our days on this earth we will have to account to our Lord what we did in our power for good and what we did to allow evil to prevail.  Pro-choice Catholics have to answer this question for themselves.

As a student of history, one of my biggest question marks was how King Edward VIII, in 1936, could give up the throne of England, one of the most powerful countries in the world, just to marry a foreign woman who was already married.  As a student of current history, I marvel how a large group like Catholics can not only ignore the teaching of their own church, but to give in and say, oh well, people are going to do what they want anyway, I’ll go along with them.  This is akin to the United States saying to Hitler in 1941, oh well, you can do what you want, you’re so charismatic and powerful, we’ll just go along with you and just lay down.  After all, we believe that war is not the answer.

This, my dear friends, is the most shameful abdication of moral courage in history, comparable to the German people ignoring the holocaust during World War II.  You could have changed history – you chose not to because you had not the moral clarity and courage to do it.  As a Catholic myself, I find this a complete moral failure for which there is absolutely no excuse.


6 thoughts on “Abortion and the Catholic Abdication of Political Power

  1. Awesome piece, Russ. Clarity and facts, combined with a concise writing style, give us the history of legal abortion in a nutshell.
    I keep hearing, “I didn’t leave the democratic party, the party left me”… They have become a mindless, robotic group whose character has gone by the wayside. It’s tough, you see, to not be popular.
    Courage is lacking in the leaders of our churches…especially here in CA. I was heartened to see so many Bishops speak out against Princess Pelosi and Billy Goat Biden….shame on them! And God Bless YOU for your great work and inspiration.

  2. Hi Russ. I like your new blog site. At least I can leave comments now: VERY GOOD. I believe we are living in the end times, my dear friend. As the Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy Chapter 3:1-7 “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” We are living in those perilous times..so look up, for our Savior Jesus is coming soon.

  3. Russ …thanks so much for your informational articles of what is taking place in the Church and politically. I particularly appreciated a piece that you wrote last March on Liberation Theology. Briefly, though less eloquently than how you put it, those “liberators” rely more on Social Justice for Social Justice sake than on God/Gospel focus for freedom. Thank goodness for JPII who spoke out against it at the time. Unfortunately few Catholics are informed clearly on this subject and this thinking has infiltrated into the Church and many now mindlessly advocate it in their belief system. That is why as high as 50% of Catholics voted left. Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.

    However, take heart! The day after the election the scripture reading from Philipians in the Mass was Do not complain and grumble, but let your light shine in the world while holding onto the WORD OF LIFE! Wait for the Lord with courage; be stouthearted.

    Policies and Representatives that would support the Gospel have allowed a “watering down” effect to take hold probably in an effort to reach across the aisle. Let us pray that both sides may get back to basic Gospel moral values on which our country was founded. As you stated Russ the Democrats use to be in complete alignment with the Social teachings of the Catholic Church. Not anymore. But Catholics have been desensitized and many vote “Jersey” instead of informed and faithful. So as bleak as it may seem the Lord is giving us 4 years to clean the muddied waters which might not have happened with a McCain victory. In the midst of it HE used Gov. Palin as a HUGE example of the value of all life.

    I will be looking for “shining lights” in the days to come. I know your bloggers will be among them. Pax Domini!!!

  4. Direct, to the point and penetrating. I am terribly disappointed in the abandonment by Catholics (and other Christians?) the moral imperative of protecting life. I am more disappointed in the parents of these Catholics (and Christian?) who failed to inculcate The Faith in their children. We and they are reaping what they sowed and I do not see any good in where this moral apathy and ignorance is leading the family, the community and the nation.
    Lats make difference from now on and pray.

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