An Ode to Unknown Heroes

Hero is a much-hackneyed word today; it is used far too many times and has become a common word, unfortunately diminishing its true significance. The heroes that I will describe here, most of you have never heard this term associated with them.  I’m referring to two types of heroes; the first and most important is the mother who decides not to abort an unborn.  The second hero is the mother and father who adopt that unborn.  I will use three different people in this piece to make my point:  The mothers of Leonardo da Vinci, Barack Obama and Reggie Dabbs.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 out of wedlock or sometimes referred to as “illegitimate.”  In those days it was extremely scandalous to be illegitimate.  Such children were ridiculed, laughed at and generally discarded by society.  Illegitimate children were given surnames of the town they were born in, so Leonardo was named da Vinci (from Vinci), since he was born in the town of Vinci, not far from Florence.  Because Leonardo was illegitimate he was not allowed to study in any school of higher learning.  Just imagine yourself as a young woman in those days.  If you became pregnant and were not married your life was practically over.  How easy, then, it would be to decide that this pregnancy was a life sentence and you would then feel not only compelled, but for your own good, to abort this child.  Leonardo’s mother, despite all these challenges, decided not to kill her unborn child but to give him life.  The result was that the world was blessed with one of the most brilliant minds in human history.

Despite not being allowed to study at a university, Leonardo developed into the greatest genius that the world has ever seen.  I don’t have the time or the space to describe all his attributes, but here are some of them:  Leonardo was a brilliant engineer, physicist, mathematician, anatomist, architect and artist to name only a few of his attributes. He was brilliant in each field, unmatched by anyone in the world. Leonardo designed the most unimaginable military engineering feats of all time.  He designed a flying machine, a precursor to our modern airplane, a submarine and was considered the greatest artist of all time.  Most of you know of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, for example.

In 1961 an 18 year old College girl named Stanley Ann Dunham became pregnant after an affair with a fellow College student from Kenya named Barack Obama Sr. Just imagine the circumstances, a young girl just out of High School, just started College, no job, no money.  How could she bring this child to life?  Her life would be ruined to give birth, or would it?  Most pro-choice advocates use this very reason why they must abort:  “I cannot afford to take care of a child, I’m in College and must finish school.  A child will ruin my life.”  What’s the number of the nearest Planned Parenthood?

But Stanley Ann Dunham did not go to Planned Parenthood nor abort her unborn. She gave birth to Barack Obama, our new President of the United States. She not only decided to keep her son, but to marry the father, Barack Obama Sr.  She not only finished school with her child, but also got a PhD in Anthropology.  So much for a child ruining your career.

In the most ironical case that I can think of, our new President, Barack Obama Jr., before he was elected spoke before Planned Parenthood and promised them, that as President, the first thing he would do is to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act,” an act that would write in stone into law that no state could make any law whatsoever to restrict abortion in any matter.  In another irony, 35% of all abortions are of black babies in the United States, even though the black population of the United States is only 12% and the President himself is black. As the most likely possible victim of abortion himself, Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion President we’ve ever had.  Some things are beyond understanding.

In the last 15 years I’ve attended about 10 Promise Keepers events in California, Nevada and Arizona.  Promise Keepers is Christian Men’s movement that holds a two-day event throughout the country every year in many U.S cities.  In the last three of five Promise Keepers events that I’ve attended Reggie Dabbs was the MC of the event.  This man is not only an inspiring character and a true man of God but a very funny man who made our weekends a joy.  I’ll never forget when I first heard his testimony.  Reggie said that he was the son of a teenage prostitute, and a product of a $20 “trick.”  The story got even more intense when Reggie said that his mother needed the $20 to feed her other three kids.  His mom came close to choosing abortion but decided against it.  A High School teacher at the school that Reggie’s mother attended adopted him at birth.   Reggie’s mom decided to keep her son and gave him a loving mother and father that he adores to this day.

Reggie today is an inspirational Christian speaker, a Godly man, and an example to many of us.  He is a man after my own heart, as God said of David in the Bible.  Although I’ve never personally met or have spoken to Reggie, I can say that I love this man and thank God for him.  If you need an inspirational speaker for your High School kids, I can’t recommend Reggie any higher.  You can contact him at his web site:

Leonardo da Vinci’s mother, a woman named Caterina, Stanley Ann Dunham and Reggie Dabbs’s mother are my heroes because they rose above their circumstances and made the right decision.  Despite enormous challenges to do otherwise they decided the right way, they gave their unborn life.  All parents who adopt children such as Reggie Dabbs are also my heroes because they nurtured the life of these children of God.  I can speak personally about one of these mothers, since my wife Kim is an adoptive mother.  

Recently we discussed abortion with a group of friends –  all Catholics.  One of these friends stated, to our amazement, that she felt that it would be better to abort than to give a child up for adoption since she’s never seen a successful adopted child.  We were blown away at the incredible silly statement.  In my lifetime I’ve encountered many adopted men and women.  All of them are successful, healthy people of the highest caliber. On the contrary, most unhealthy people that I know come from good homes.  Some things are beyond understanding.

At a dinner with another friend we got into a conversation about China.  I opined that I would never travel to China because of that country’s repressive practices toward Christians and their policy to force women to have abortions if they have more than one pregnancy and one child.  Our friend stated that she thought that China should be congratulated for limiting world population.  What?  Can you run that by me again?  It’s OK to kill children if you already have one?  Can some of you ask your mother that question if she had more than one child?  Some things are beyond understanding.

Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 over 50 million unborn children have been killed in the United States alone.  World wide, on average, one child is killed by abortion per second or 31.5 million children per year.  How many possible geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci have we killed?  Or, for that matter, Barack Obama or Reggie Dabbs have we killed?    We have yet to cure cancer or diabetes and many other diseases.  Did we kill the person who could have found a cure? 

When I arrive in heaven, God willing, after finding my own parents and relatives, the next people I want to hug and thank are those mothers who gave up their children instead of killing them by abortion.  


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