Lies, Damned Lies and Universal Health Care

When Congressman Joe Wilson yelled, “you lie” during a speech to a joint session of Congress on health care by President Obama, he was condemned for it throughout the country.  I would agree that yelling something during a presidential speech is in poor taste, however, did President Obama lie?  Congressman Wilson yelled this after the President said that his health care reform would not apply to illegal immigrants.  Was this a lie?  Let’s look at the evidence, or as Sergeant Friday of Dragnet fame would say “just the facts ma’am.”

When President Obama said that the health care reform would not apply to illegal aliens he stated a falsehood (you may say a lie).  This is a falsehood because, although the Democrats say that the new health care reform does not cover illegal aliens, the fact of it is that it does.  How do I know that?  Simple!  The law, as written prohibits the verification of legal immigrant status, so how can it not cover illegal aliens when no one is required to prove that he or she is a legal alien?  Another falsehood of Obamacare is about abortion.  Why is this a falsehood?  Although President Obama stated clearly in his  speech that his health care reform will not pay for abortion, the Democrats refused to include language to prohibit this same funding.  When the House recently passed the reform bill they were forced to include the Stupak Amendment, which does prohibit abortion funding.  Why would the Democrats have to be forced to include such an amendment when the President clearly said that the health care reform would not pay for abortion?   This claim by the Democrats, not to fund abortion, has been a falsehood from the beginning.

As you may be aware, the current fight to have the Senate pass this bill hangs on this very issue about abortion funding, why?  Why, when the President promised that it would not fund abortion?  Because it has been a falsehood from the beginning.  Joe Wilson was right.

The health care bills drafted so far by the Democrats have also promised that it would not cover the so-called death panels.  Well, there is no actual language about death panels but the implication is that once the government has the power they can decree whatever they want.  Take the following case in Britain:

The December 2009 issue of “First Things[i] reports that doctors at a national health care hospital in Britain left a newborn baby to die because he was born too prematurely – and, when challenged, they cited national guidelines for limiting perinatal care.  According to the guidelines babies born before twenty-two weeks gestation would be left to die and doctors were not obligated to treat them.  When the mother of the newborn pleaded with the doctors to help her baby they curtly told her they did not have to and wound not do so.  Two hours after birth the newborn baby died in the arms of her heartbroken and helpless mother.  This is what we have to look to if we get universal health care.  Once this huge bureaucracy is established it will never be overturned and it can never be contained, that is there is no certainty that it would not adopt such guidelines.  Are you prepared to give the government control of your life or your children’s life?  God help us if it succeeds.

[i] First Things, December 2009 p.70.


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