March for Life

The annual March for Life has now ended in Washington DC.  The San Francisco March will be tomorrow at 11:00 AM.  EWTN, the Catholic Television Network, will show it live.  I was struck by the large numbers of young people that have attended the DC march the last few years.  This warms my heart, because, as a senior citizen, I know that my generation is, as much as I hate to say it, a lost generation.  They have been poisened by the 1960s which gave us the drug culture and the 1970s which gave us feminism, the worst thing that ever happened to the women’s movement.  One of the themes of today’s DC March was struck by a Black preacher who urged the attendees to work hard to vote out of office politicians who are for killing our precious unborn children.  How true this is.  The same people who refuse to look at the dismembered body parts of an aborted baby, will tell me that abortion is a “woman’s right to choose.”  The same person that will scream at me for showing pictures of an aborted baby, will tell me that water boarding is torture.

I love logic, so let me see if I understand this correctly:  The dismemberment of a baby in the womb is a “woman’s right to choose” but water boarding a terrorist who wants to commit mass murder of my fellow Americans is torture.  Water boarding does not even cause any physical damage to a person, but an abortion is the same at you dismembering a half chicken when you eat at your favorite restaurant.  What am I missing?

I call on all Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of reason to rise up and rebel:  throw out the bums in Congress or in our state legislature who believe that the dismemberment of a baby in the womb is “women’s health.”  As Fr. Frank Pavone, a hero of the pro-life movement, says, America will never end abortion until America sees abortion.  Here is a link to some pictures of aborted babies.  May God have mercy on us.


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