The “Pro-Choice” Side Reveals Their True Face

The last few weeks have been very revealing of the true agenda of the pro-abortion left.  The pro-abortion  side would prefer we call them “pro-choice.”  Since logic is my main goal in this blog, I’d like to examine if this passes as what anyone would agree is  true choice.  Let’s start with the big non-controversy of the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad.  Before anybody had seen the ad, the pro-abortion fanatics where hysterical that anyone would dare put a pro-life ad on TV.  The pro-abortion left  are not “pro-choice;”  they are only for their choice.  Anyone who dares propose anything other than abortion for any reason has to be stopped at any cost.  Not only are they not pro-choice, but they are for forcing you to only see what they approve.  If anyone dares to have a different view they will do whatever they can to stop you.  This is choice?  This is more akin to tyranny.

The “pro-choice” crowd, we’re told, is tolerant and giving; they love the poor and are for freedom of expression.  Really?  What they’ve shown here, in no uncertain terms, is that they are not pro-choice, but only for their choice.  They are not tolerant; they’re very intolerant of any views other than their own.  A story in the Washington Post by a pro-choice advocate understands clearly that this is the case.  Here is a compelling article by Sally Jenkins:  click here to read it.

Just today, we learned that a 19-year old teenager in Ohio was denied a state speaking award by an Ohio legislator because the award was for a pro-life speech.  These are the people who claim that they’re pro-choice, tolerant and open.  The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel interviewed the teen on tonight’s show.


One thought on “The “Pro-Choice” Side Reveals Their True Face

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