“I’m Personally” Pro-Life?

Last Saturday I attended a California Republican Assembly (CRA) endorsing convention for local Republican races in Pasadena.  All the candidates got three questions:  What is your position on abortion, your position on taxes and your position health care.  About one-third of the candidates answered the abortion question in the negative, that is, they were pro-choice.  Almost to a man, many of them had trouble answering the question – a great clue that they’re not pro-life.   Click here to see Randy Alcorn answer on this question.

Many of the pro-choice candidates started answering the abortion question with “I’m personally pro-life, but …”  Every time I hear someone answer this question this way I want to grab them by the shirt and just say:  please tell me where you stand and don’t tell me that you’re “personally pro-life” because we know you’re not.  One candidate who was pro-choice defended his position by stating that since the majority of his district (which happened to be my district, the 36th Congressional) was pro-choice, you cannot be pro-life and win.  A pathetic excuse.

Let’s address this issue of “I’m personally pro-life, but …”  During our country’s slave period, before the Civil War this was also a common argument:  “I’m personally against slavery, but I think it’s a person’s choice.”  What?  You’re against slavery but you think anyone who wants a slave should have one?  Have you tried that excuse on a slave?  We hear the same argument today about abortion by the pro-choice advocates.  These people have not thought this question through – they just follow the culture blindly.  Click here to read  a piece by Michael Fumento about an interview by a person during slavery who had this same position on why he was personally against slavery but it should be a choice.

At another event earlier this year I asked a Republican candidate if he was pro-life .  I knew instantly that he was not pro-life when he hesitated to answer and then went on to give me a song and dance story of why he’s pro-choice.  Why do people hesitate to tell you right off the bat – I’m pro-choice.  I’ve never hesitated to answer that I’m pro-life.   I never cease to be amused at how the pro-choice person feels that he can defend his pro-choice position by giving you a weak song and dance that is usually canned.  I know why they do this:  they can’t justify it other than giving you a personal preference.

Being pro-life or pro-choice is not a subjective choice.   A subjective choice is akin to my preference for chocolate ice cream or the color blue.  This type of choice is neither right or wrong, it’s a personal choice.  Being pro-life is an objective choice.  There are no personal feelings involved.  Being pro-life is objective because it is a moral choice.  You do not have the choice to kill your neighbor because he or she is in your way.  Why?  Because we value human life.  We do not have the choice to kill a human being – simple as that.

The pro-choice crowd thinks that an unborn is a “woman’s right to choose” or  “woman’s heath” issue.  Well, If I decide that I’m poor and I have five children between the ages of one and eight and can’t afford them, I can choose to kill one or two of them?  No?  Why not?  These kids are human?  Yes, they are, but so are the unborn.

This is not a religious issue.  Science has confirmed that human life beings at conception.  Look at any embryology book and it will confirm this.  This is not complicated as most people say it is.  It is the simplest thing there is.


5 thoughts on ““I’m Personally” Pro-Life?

  1. The concept of “human life” is a philosophical construct, not an idea of science. Every human being has an equal right to decide when “human life” starts. A fetus is metabolically active, and that’s about all “science” can prove.

    • That is beyond goofy. the DNA has been created NEVER to BE Created ever again, even if the same man and woman conceived a child again. I understand, some are not pro-life so they have to rationalize in some way. Good look to you. Glad your parents let you live.

  2. I refer you to two well known scientists:
    Dr. Jerome Lejeune, “Father of Modern Genetics” and discoverer of the cause of Down’s Syndrome, stated, “To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human has come into being is no longer a matter of taste or opinion . . . it is plain experimental evidence.”

    Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman, Department of Genetics at Mayo Clinic, stated, “By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.”

  3. I think you misunderstand the Republican agenda. Republicans are against government intrusion into individual’s rights. That includes the right to decide whether or not to allow one’s body to support a fetus. People can be pro-life and not believe that government should make complex moral decisions for them, especially when people can have good-faith beliefs on both sides of the issue.

    Also, I think what Mr. Fogelson was referring to is that just because life begins at conception doesn’t mean “human” life begins at conception. A fetus starts as a blob of cells with no awareness, no pain, no emotions, nothing that really makes it human except for it’s DNA.

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