Speaking With a Forked Tongue

One of my favorite TV Westerns of the 1950s was called “Broken Arrow.”  The saying, “they speak with a forked tongue” was an Indian expression about the broken promises and treaties by the white man; meaning that they would say one thing and do another.  This week we had President Obama speaking with a forked tongue when he was asked about whether he had an abortion litmus test for the Supreme Court pick.  He answered by saying that he had no litmus test and then, in the same sentence, said that his candidate had to respect “woman’s rights,” a code word for pro-abortion.  So let’s see:  there is no litmus test but the candidate has to believe in the abortion choice?  If that is not speaking with a forked tongue, then contradictions are the rule of the day.  In logic there is a principle of non-contradiction.  President Obama broke this rule plain and simple in only one sentence.

In fairness to President Obama, he was very clear as a candidate that he would do this.   He made his position very clear before the election that he was very pro-abortion, as a matter of fact he stated that the first thing he wanted to do as President is to  sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” which would eliminate any restrictions on abortion and make abortion  a legal right for the entire country.  This law would enshrine abortion into law.  So when he was elected people should have been aware of this, if not they were under a rock.  Elections have consequences and this one is one of the consequences:  pro-abortion Supreme Court judges will be the rule.  There will be a litmus test.


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