Moral Relativism and Pro-Life

Most you have heard about a Catholic nun, Sister Carol Keehan, and how she defied the Catholic Bishops on Obamacare. In short, she decided that her judgement was better than the openly stated opposition to Obamacare by the United States Conference of Bishops, so she, on her own, decided to endorse Obamacare.  So much for vows of obedience.

Unfortunately, Sister Keehan represents many liberal Catholics who have convinced themselves that their own judgment trumps the Church or the Bible.  In other words they have taken the concept of “conscience” and made it their guide to what is right or wrong.  This, basically, is moral relativism, that is “I” am the arbiter of what is right, not the Church nor the Bible.  If I decide that something is right for me, then it’s right, no matter what.  This is a self-refuting fallacy.  It is self-refuting because it cannot stand by its own definition.  An example, if I say that slavery is wrong and you say that slavery is right, both of us cannot be right.  We can both be wrong, but we cannot both be right.  If I say the Christianity is the only true religion and you say there are many true religions, both of us cannot be right.  We can both be wrong, but we both cannot be right.  There is another problem with this position:  If you are the sole arbiter of right and wrong then you’ve made yourself God.  Why read the Bible or follow the Church? The Bible, in this case, is just another book, say like a good novel.  This is the bankruptcy of liberalism – it cannot stand to reason.

This is what has happened to many liberal Christians, both Catholic and Protestants.  They have embraced a form of moral relativism to justify their positions.  So many Catholics can say that they are good Catholics and be pro-choice because they have become the arbiters of morality, not the Church and not the Bible.  I consider such people as apostates and not true Catholics nor true Protestants.  This position is anathema to reason and truth.


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