Mary Mother of Life

The San Diego Knights of Columbus Chapter put on the first Mary Mother of Life Conference on August 14, 2010 at San Diego State.  The conference featured speakers such as Father Mitch Pacwa, a popular speaker on the Catholic Television Network, EWTN, Newt Gingrich and his wife Calista, Lila Rose and Father Tom Euteneuer, recently featured in the HBO documentary, 12th and Delaware.

The conference started with a Rosary led by the Trinitarian Sisters, who performed the music and led the recital.  The sisters performed with music that was nothing short of professional and moving.  The first speaker was Fr. Pacwa, a brilliant speaker, who discussed the three outrageous anti-life Supreme Court decisions:  The Dredd Scott decision of 1857, Plessy vs. Ferguson of 1896 and the most outrageous, Roe vs. Wade of 1973.  In Dredd Scott, Fr. Pacwa described the atrocious and stupefying decision which declared that a slave could not be a citizen, even if he had been emancipated.  A black person was not considered a person, so he could not be a citizen, vote, hold property and everything that all of us enjoy as free citizens.  In Plessy vs. Ferguson, the court ruled that separate but equal was just fine.  A black man could legally be required to ride on a separate train.  Again, the court refused to call black people human beings worthy of human rights.  In Roe vs. Wade, the court ruled that, although they did not know if an unborn was a person they would rule against them anyway.  So this would be akin to saying to the person on the trigger of a demolition of an old hotel in Las Vegas:  we’re not sure if anyone is still in that building but blow it up anyway.  This goes against the rule of logic that if you’re not sure you don’t decide, but they did.  The court also ruled that a “right of privacy” under the 14th Amendment  which they made up.  With this privacy right you could kill an unborn child.  Fr. Pacwa also discussed how Darwinian evolution and the Eugenics movement had an impact on science and culture and how this relates to the “pro-choice” mentality of today.

Newt Gingrich and his wife introduced a new documentary they have produced Nine Days that Changed the World the story of Pope John Paul II’s visit to his homeland of Poland in 1979.  Why is this relevant to this conference?  What John Paul II accomplished shows what can be done against all odds when the church refuses to give in to the culture.  Poland was under the thumb of the Communists, supported by the Soviet Union.  They were under a tyrannical government.  The Polish people succeed in overthrowing the tyrants without one soldier or one shot being fired.  How did they do it?  They stuck together, kept their faith and refused to give in.  A person in the crowd during the Pope’s visit said it perfectly:  “I just realized today that there are more of us then them.”    We can overcome anything if we get together and demand justice.  This is a very compelling and moving documentary that most of us have not seen.  I highly recommend getting this film.  You can purchase it by clicking on the above titled link.  This is a must see film.

The afternoon featured Lila Rose, a 22 year-old beauty from UCLA who has exposed Planned Parenthood for the evil that they do everyday.  Ms. Rose has made numerous visits undercover to Planned Parenthood clinics pretending to go there for an abortion.  She tells the Planned Parenthood counselors that she’s 15 year-old and pregnant by a 31 year-old boyfriend.  On all occasions the Planned Parenthood clinics urge her to lie about the age of the boyfriend, thus failing to report a statutory rape as required by law.  In a visit to a Wisconsin clinic, one of the undercover girls asks to see a doctor first.  She asks if you could die from an abortion.  The doctor tells her that it’s possible but he’s never had one die on him.

Check out Live Action, Lila Rose’s web site, for great content on fighting for the pro-life cause and to see film clips of her investigations.


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