Taxes, Morality and the Left

On last night’s O’Reilly Factor TV show, a clip was played of a liberal journalist interviewing Vice President Biden.  The journalist reads a quote from President Obama’s book stating that Obama believes that the Bush tax cuts were immoral.  Biden is asked if he agrees; Biden agrees that this is his belief also.  Since logic is one of my aims in this blog lets review if this comports with any logic.  This was picked up by Stephen Colbert in his show in which he ridicules O’Reilly for suggesting that people should take more personal responsibility when it comes to taxes and spending.  The question I want answered is how can taxes be moral or immoral?  Taxes are spent by government for various reasons, most of which are very legitimate, such as for military expenses, for infrastructure, for security and other government needs.  Most people have no problem with these and understand that they are necessary.

What Biden implies is that the more taxes you have the more the poor will receive.  Even if we accept this how do we know that government will even spend taxes to take care of the poor?  To claim that higher taxes is better for the poor is very bad logic that even an elementary school child could easily grasp.

Now let’s look at what government uses taxes for that is beyond and above what is needed to run a government.  Did you know that your taxes in 2008 were used to give a grant of $363 million dollars to Planned Parenthood?  If you don’t know what Planned Parenthood does, they provide abortion service; they’re main goal is to kill unborn children.  Is this a moral way of spending tax dollars?  Is this feeding the poor?

Just the other day, the Democratic led Congress proposed a spending bill which included over $8 Billion in pork barrel spending such as $700,000 to study how cows burp.  Is this a moral way of spending your tax dollars?

Another point on taxes:  Democrats love to tax the rich; the top one percent of the rich pay about 40% of all taxes while the bottom 50% pay less than three per cent of all taxes.

On higher taxes, economists have found that when government increases taxes it has never reduced the debt.  They have found that for every additional dollar raised, government has increased spending to $1.17, meaning that not only did it not reduce the deficit, it increased it by 17%.  Now are higher taxes moral?


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