Taxing the Rich is a Moral Issue but Abortion is not?

In my last post I discussed the view held by President Obama and Vice President Biden that taxing the rich has a moral aspect to it.  Today we hear that President Obama is staying in a rented house in Hawaii, owned by a rich person, that is worth at least nine million dollars and pays only $300 per year in property tax after receiving a special dispensation for his property.  The previous owner had paid $48,000 per year in taxes.   See the story here.

You may ask why this is relevant to a pro-life blog.  Good question.  Both President Obama and Vice President Biden are ardent pro-abortion advocates.  Obama, as an Illinois state senator voted to deny medical help to a baby that had survived an abortion. Click here to read the story.  They do not believe that killing an unborn baby, up to actual birth, is  a moral issue but taxing the rich is.  The contradiction is astounding.  As I pointed out in my last post, there is absolutely no logic in equating morality with taxation, given how government spends tax dollars.  The moral compass is hopelessly broken for both men; north points south and south points north.


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