Who’s Telling us What to do With our Bodies?

Pro-abortion advocates love to point out to those of us who recognize the humanity of the unborn that abortion is “a woman’s right to choose,” or “It’s my body, don’t tell me how to use it” or words to that effect.  As logic is my main thrust on this blog, I’d like to put these type of statements to the logic test.  In San Francisco, the modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah, the  political left, which is where the abortion advocates identify with, has found it necessary to tell us what we can eat and what is good or bad for us:  they’ve banned happy meals.  Now if you don’t have a right to tell me what to do with my body, as they claim, why is it alright to tell us what to eat?   Is it not my body to do what I want?

The issue is really what is the unborn?  The left loves to point to science for their answers; most believe in the view that science is the only arbiter of truth.  If you cannot prove it scientifically, you cannot claim it to be true according to their view.  This is known as “scientism.”

The claim “my body, my choice” is a self-refuting fallacy; it cannot stand by its own logic.  The example of the banning of happy meals illustrates this.  The left is always telling us what is good for us and what is not.  Let’s go to science to prove that the unborn is a human being.  There is almost total agreement among science that life begins at conception.  Look at any embryology textbook and it defines life from conception.  All of us began as an embryo, a zygote.  Before you were a fetus, you were an embryo, a zygote, then you developed into an infant,  an adolescent and finally, an adult.  Your humanity started at the beginning.  What the pro-abortion forces fail to look at is that the unborn is a human at a particular stage of development.  Location does not change your status as a human.

Some even say that a baby is not a person until it is self-sufficient or self-aware.   This too is self-refuting.  Is a one-month old little baby self-aware?  Does this mean that this baby is not a human?  Reason, science, philosophy or common sense is not on the side of the pro-abortion advocates.  You have to deny reason, science and reality to accept their position.


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