Lies, Damn Lies and Pro-Choice Language

The other day I was listening to the Larry Elder radio talk show when a woman he was talking to stated that she was not for abortion but she believed that abortion is a decision that should be between her and her doctor; Elder chimed in that he agreed.  She further stated that abortion is a religious issue and that anti-abortion people should not interfere with a person’s “choice.”  There were no challenges from Mr. Elder on any of these issues; the conversation continued as if these were generally accepted truths.

This type of conversation is very typical of the pro-abortion side.  They believe that the fetus is comparable to your tonsils, or just a piece of tissue.  But, this is false.  Anyone who is  serious about the facts can check that abortion is not a religious issue.  Abortion is a religious issue like murder would be a religious issue.  Abortion is about life and death.  Science has proven that life begins at conception.  Abortion kills a human being.  Pro-choice advocates are in denial about this.  Ask any pro-choice advocate when life begins and he/she will trout out the usual argument about it being a choice between a woman and her doctor.  This does not answer the only question that is relevant here:  what is the unborn? The unborn is a human life.  An abortion kills a human life.

I challenge any of you who are pro-abortion to look at what abortion looks like.  Have you ever seen an aborted fetus?  I’ll make it easy for you, just click here. This is a very educational video.  After viewing this video; tell me if abortion is the same as taking out your tonsils out or “just a piece of tissue”  not a human baby.  You cannot.


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