Planned Parenthood and the Road to Damascus

Abby Johnson was a typical college student at Texas A & M.  When the Planned Parenthood representative came to her College campus to recruit volunteers she stopped by to talk to her.  Not really knowing what Planned Parenthood was she asked some probing questions.  The representative explained that Planned Parenthood provides services that help women such as testing for communicable diseases, pregnancy  and others.  The abortion part of what they do was couched in harmless terms such as providing women “choices.”  In her compelling new book, Unplanned, Abby describes how the two hit it off right away and she became convinced that this was the place she would like to volunteer.

She started as a volunteer, escorting women who come to the clinic for services.  Abby proved to be a terrific worker who worked her way to become the director of the clinic.  For eight years she worked at the clinic, achieving the “Employee of the year” award in 2008.  One day a visiting doctor came to do abortions.  This doctor did abortions with the aid of an ultrasound.  Abby was asked to assist by holding the ultrasound while the doctor performed the abortion.  This is when her world changed  – her “Damascus experience.”  As she was assisting in the abortion she could clearly see the unborn was a fully formed baby, arms, legs, everything. The baby, upon felling the abortionist’s instrument touch her, recoiled as to protect herself and resisted the intrusion.  She watched to her horror as the unborn baby was sucked up by the abortionist’s vacuum.  A life was extinguished instantly.  Since she believed in what she was doing, helping women, she had a hard time reconciling what she had just experienced.

In the next year Abby fought her emotions about what she was doing in Planned Parenthood.  What Planned Parenthood told her and reality did not match.  At a regional meeting with her Planned Parenthood supervisors they discussed the fact the Planned Parenthood needed to make more money to survive; the only way to do this was to increase the number of abortions – the cash cow for Planned Parenthood.  Abby finally realized that everything she had heard about at Planned Parenthood was not only a myth but a flat-out lie.  When she brought this up with her supervisors they were not happy.  They wanted her to just follow directions.  One day she got a call at her office asking her to come to Houston, a two-hour drive from Bryan, for a meeting.  She was not told what the meeting was about.  Upon arriving she found out.  She was getting a reprimand for insubordination.  Her supervisor did not like the fact that she had dared question Planned Parenthood’s intentions.  She was asked to sign a receipt of her reprimand.

For her entire time that she had spent at Planned Parenthood, there was a pro-life group, Coalition for Life, who had offices next door to her office.  Pro-life volunteers were in front of the clinic on a daily basis trying to convince women going in for abortion not to do it.  Although there were a few aggressive ones, for the most part, the pro-lifers were prayerful and nice to her and her staff, as well as the clinic customers.  Through the years Abby developed a friendship with the leader of the pro-life group, Shawn Carney and his wife.

One day Abby’s emotions boiled over.  She decided that she could no longer work for Planned Parenthood.  She decides to visit the Coalition for Life office and speak to the staff.  After getting reassurance that they were with her and would support her, Abby decided to leave Planned Parenthood.

The book is well written and has a poetic excellence that will keep the reader glued to each page.  I read the book in several days and at times could not put it down.  This is the first book in which I read every word in it.  After leaving Planned Parenthood.  Abby was served with a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood.  They accused her of violating privacy laws  – a total misrepresentation of facts.  The book goes into detail about the law suit and how it was fought by a volunteer attorney referred by the Coalition for Life. The court appearance is told in dramatic fashion worthy of the best courtroom drama. Her attorney lays out the case in very convincing fashion.  Planned Parenthood had no case.  The judge agrees and summarily dismissed the case.  At the same time that Planned Parenthood filed their lawsuit they issued a press release.  This was mistake number one by Planned Parenthood in a series of mistakes that remind one of a bully intent on making your life miserable.  Instead of keeping her leaving secret, it unleashed an avalanche of press nationwide, including from such popular TV shows as The O’Reilly Factor at Fox News, local TV and others.  This is a most compelling story of redemption that will hit home with many people.  A book that must be read by all.


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