Vigil for Underage Sex Trafficking

Just returned from the Planned Parenthood site in Lawndale, California to participate in the vigil for underage sex trafficking that was recently exposed by Live Action.  The vigil was held from 12 to 1 PM nationwide.  Upon arrival no one was there.  Within 10 minutes I was joined by a fellow pro-life person from my church.  After five more minutes I was joined by two women and six children and an Eastern Orthodox priest,  and his two small kids.  We prayed together, chatted and left a little after 1:00 PM.

If you have not already heard, this past week an undercover video was released by that showed that Planned Parenthood was coaching clients how to lie about the age of underage potential clients.  Planned Parenthood receives $363 million per year to kill unborn babies from our tax dollars.  Can you imagine if that kind of money was being paid to Pregnancy Help Centers in the U.S.?  The ACLU would go nuts with law suits.  Additionally, NPR, the leftist radio network also gets federal funding.  Can you imagine if the Fox News Channel got federal funding?


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