Speaking With a Forked Tongue About Abortion

A candidate for the California State Assembly spoke at our California Republican Assembly monthly meeting last night.  This young woman, about 28 years-old, was very smart, a good speaker and had all the right qualities for the political position she is seeking.   When it came time for Q & A, a person asked her where she stood on the social issues.  Her first response was that she was libertarian on these issues.  Upon clarification she stated that she’s for gay marriage and is pro-choice.  In the course of her comments she mentioned, without any prompting, that she believed that abortion was murder, but she believes that government should stay out of these issues.

Wait a minute!  Did I hear that right?  Abortion is murder, but government should stay out of it?  What am I missing?  This seems so incoherent, that I can’t believe an intelligent person can utter such contradictions.  However, this is very typical of what I hear from the “pro-choice” side all the time.  The worst of this is that the “pro-choice” side sees no contradiction in this.  This is scary.

I’m reminded of a terrific new documentary that is a big hit on YouTube, called 180 Movie.  This 33-minute documentary shows exactly how this contradiction is so widespread in our culture.  The documentary starts out by giving a ten minute summary of the horrors of the Nazi holocaust; followed by  a man-on-the street interviews, where the interviewer finds young adults in all sorts of counter-culture attire and disposition, as well as more normal looking people and adeptly takes them step by step through the irrationality of their position; a sort of “Colombo method” as Greg Koukul would call it.  Most of the people interviewed came around to see the error of their ways and said that they will change their position.

I’m not mystified of this bizarre way of thinking by our culture.  As the film shows, the Nazi period made some of the same assumptions about the Jews.  They said that Jews were not fully human, so they could be killed at will.  In our own country, this same way of thinking prevailed during slavery.  Slaves were not considered human so they could be owned and enslaved.  I highly recommend that you spend the 33 minutes to see this entire film; it will be worth it.  Click on the hyperlink above.


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