Pro-Choice and Pro-Life: Defining the Issues

Before we can solve any problem we first need to define the problem.  When it comes to the pro-life and “pro-choice” position we usually cannot get anywhere because we start from a different position and or perspective.  A pro-life person believes that the unborn is a human person from the point of conception.  A “pro-choice” person believes that it is a woman’s choice to make.  He/she completely ignores the question of who is the unborn.  This is the crucial question.  Accordingly, a pro-life person believes that to abort an unborn human being is to kill a human person.  The “pro-choice” advocate does not recognize the humanity or personhood of the unborn by ignoring the question of who is the unborn.  Before we go anywhere else we must answer this crucial question.

Let’s look at this divide.  What is the correct position?  How does the pro-life person know that the unborn is a human person and how does a “pro-choice” person know that the unborn is not a human person?  First of all, you cannot answer this question by just giving your opinion; it must be based on universal evidence that is accessible to all.   When does life begin?  Does it begin after birth or at conception?  Let’s look at science.  No one will say that science is partial or religious.  Science has confirmed that life begins at conception.  If you check with any Embryology book you will find that science confirms that life begins at conception. Click here for some documentation.  On the other hand, where does the “pro-choice” person get documentation that the unborn is not a human person?  I’ve not seen any reference to any; I only hear the mantra:  “it’s a woman’s choice,” or “my body, my choice.”  This is not evidence, but a personal opinion.  When was the first day of your life, when you came out of the womb? No, your first day of life happened at conception.  All of us started the same way.  All of us where once a fetus, a new-born, an adolescent and and adult.

A common position held by the “pro-choice” side is that the unborn is not a person.  Well, when does a human being become a person? Can there be a human being that is not a person?  Can it by assigned and if so how do you determine when personhood starts?  The answer is that personhood starts the only time it can, at the same time as the beginning of life; to assign it at any other time is subjective and can change according to the whims of whomever does the assigning.  This position is not only not logical, but it is self-defeating.


One thought on “Pro-Choice and Pro-Life: Defining the Issues

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