Today’s Human Sacrifices: Baal Still Lives

We’re shocked to read in the Old Testament, for instance, that the people practiced human sacrifices to their gods.  Baal was the god of prosperity in the Old Testament.  Click on this four-minute video that gives a brief history of ancient human sacrifice to Baal and how it relates to today’s abortion culture.  People would sacrifice babies to appease their gods for a good harvest for instance.  In ancient Mexico, the Aztecs practiced human sacrifices.  If you go the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan, you will find the stories of such sacrifices.  We’re horrified to read or hear of such stories and cannot fathom how these things could have happened; but just look right here, today, abortion is legal at any stage, up to birth for any reason or no reason at all.  Are we horrified by it?  On an average day, between sunrise and sunset, in Los Angeles County alone, there are about 155 abortions performed each day.  One hundred and fifty-five unborn children are sacrificed on the altar of convenience such as “I’m not ready for a baby, I cannot afford a baby, or it’s inconvenient now.”  All reasons people use to kill their unborn babies. Yet, we hear that this is promoting “women’s health.”

Our present president, President Barack Obama, was born of a single mother in college with no money and no means of supporting a child.  His mother had all the classic reasons to abort her baby and no one would have complained;  most would have probably encouraged her, after all she was very young with no means of support and had just started college.  Yet, this courageous woman chose to have her baby who later became President of the United States.  Not only did she have her baby, she finished school and eventually got a PhD.  When discussing abortion issues during his campaign President Obama said this about his daughter: “I don’t want to punish her with a baby.”  Click here to see a video clip of this statement.

Now you would think that this fact would impress President Obama to be pro-life since millions of his unborn brothers and sisters of his day were aborted; no, instead he is extremely pro-abortion.  When he was running for president he promised that the first thing he would do is make abortion the unbreakable law of land in a speech to Planned Parenthood.  Just recently, though HHS, the Health and Human Services Department, he ordered that religious institutions would be forced to provide insurance that provided free abortifacient drugs, sterilization and contraceptives, directly violating the religious morals of the Catholic Church, for instance.

The pro-abortion forces, which includes the entire Democratic Party, calls abortion “woman’s health.”  We are, today, no better than the ancients who sacrifices babies to Baal, or the Aztecs who sacrificed humans to their gods.  We are more proficient at it.  In the United States alone, we kill on average between 1.2 to 1.5 million unborn human beings each year.


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