Walk for Life Los Angeles 2012

A brother Knight of Columbus from the San Fernando Valley whose wife sings at our Church’s  5:00 PM Saturday Mass along with my wife, invited me to the annual Los Angeles Walk for Life this morning, March 17, 2012.  When we left Redondo Beach and hit the I-405 there was a hard, windy, driving rain.  Visibility got so bad up the Mulholland Pass that I was getting a little nervous.

Upon arrival at St. Cyril of Jerusalem Catholic Church in Encino, we found the Gym filled with people from wall to wall with pro-life enthusiasts of all ages.  We were immediately energized by the energy of the room.  Three young women were singing a beautiful and emotionally moving pro-life song on stage, This is My Body followed by different speakers.  One of the speakers, the parish pastor, told a story about when Cardinal O’Connor of New York made a speech a few years ago;  someone asked him who was the most endangered in our society today, and without hesitation answered that it was an unborn child in the womb.
I was impressed with so many young people there, as well as many Hispanics. As we started the walk we were led out of the Gym, 25 at a time. As we got outside, it was pouring rain.  We headed east on Ventura Blvd, past the I-405 bridge over Ventura Blvd.; the streets were filled with water and we immediately got our shoes soaking wet, crossing the first street.  Nothing could dampen our enthusiasm though.  As we walked many passing cars gave approving signs and honked their horns.

Several streets down, at a stop light, just past the I-405 bridge a young couple got out of their car to join us with a prepared cloth sign with a pro-life message on it.  The young woman approached me and asked me where I was from since I was wearing my Ferrari Jacket and my Fiat 500 hat. I told her that I was Italian and she stated that she was also; we shared a few comments in Italian and then the light changed and we continued down Ventura Blvd.  The rain intensified, sometimes with a hard head wind, twisting our umbrellas and shredding our signs.  We walked the entire route, about 5K, in the driving rain.

I left this walk with a renewed energy as never before; to see so many people totally ignore the elements.  Some people had no umbrellas; and took the rain and wind as if it was any other sunny day.  This is what being Catholic is about; sharing our faith and our commitment to the pro-life cause.  This is what being a Knight of Columbus is all about.  Praise God.


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