Life Unworthy of Life – Lebensunwerten Lebens

On page six of the June/July 2012 issue of the magazine First Things, there is a short story about an article recently published by the prestigious Journal of Medical Ethics by Alberto Giublini and Francesca Minerva, justifying the killing of newborns, whose parents feel that their life is not worth living, such as children with abnormalities.

Although you may be shocked or surprised that killing of a living, breathing child can even be suggested, this logic follows exactly the “pro-choice” position, whether they realize it or not.  If you can kill a living, breathing human being in the womb, why could you not kill it after birth?  It makes perfect sense to those who believe that abortion is “a decision between a woman and her doctor,” for instance.  This is the same line of reasoning for those who support euthanasia.  This line of thinking is not that rare.  Peter Singer, the well-known Chairman of the Bio-ethics Department at Princeton University makes this very argument.  He argues that if you are not experiencing happiness, you can take your life, for instance.  Those of you who have not heard this, may be in disbelief about this.  Click here to read about Professor Singer’s belief in killing newborns.

This same First Things article explains that in Nazi Germany, Hitler gassed 75,000 mentally ill and handicapped Germans because they were lebensurwerten lebens (life not worthy of life).  By the same rationalization, he murdered six million Jews because they were “inconvenient.”  The “pro-choice” advocate is basically advocating the same thing.  If a pregnancy is unplanned, inconvenient, or just not wanted, this is reason to kill the baby.  Now, the “pro-choice” persons will probably be offended by this statement, but tell me if there is fault with the line of reasoning described here.  The truth is that this is exactly what the “pro-choice” advocate is saying, whether, they realize it or not.

This is the slippery slope we can get into once we decide when life begins, as the “pro-choice” advocate does.  The beginning of life can only be defined by a universal definition that is supported by facts and logic. Science confirms that life begins at conception.  When you define it willy-nilly without any universal foundation you will get the line of thinking that leads to  lebensunwerten Lebens.


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