Institutional Amnesia: How the Church Ignores Abortion

This past Sunday at our church a visiting priest gave a pitch for helping needy children world-wide.  He spoke eloquently on what Jesus said about visiting, feeding and clothing Him in Matthew 25:36.  In his homily, he mentioned all the world’s vulnerable people with one stark exception:  the unborn.  As I was listening to his talk, I could not help but to think that a homily like this on the unborn would never be allowed by perhaps 95% of all Roman Catholic Church pastors.  When our Respect Life Ministry tried to get approval for a priest to visit our parish and preach a pro-life message we were denied not once, but twice.

This is fairly typical of most Catholic parishes.  It is my experience, although I cannot prove it, nor have any hard evidence, that most parish pastors stay away from the abortion issue like it was a communicable disease.

If you’re Roman Catholic, as I am, you know that the Catholic Church is strongly pro-life and has always been, so why do most Catholic parishes shy away from the abortion issue?  Second only to the pedophile scandal, I have the most anger at my church on this surrender of what is a strong Church teaching.  It would not be a stretch to conclude that the Church stays away from abortion because she is intimidated by the Catholic left which champions abortion rights. Just talk to ten liberal Catholics as see how many vote Republican:  none.

it is my belief that the Church has surrendered to the culture of today.  Back to the homily on feeding and clothing the poor.  In Los Angeles County alone, on an average day, there are about 155 abortions performed per day.  These innocent babies are dismembered in the womb and discarded as if they were infected tonsils, yet no one complains.  Do you know how many children die of starvation in the United States per year?  There are no known statistics, yet an average of 1.2 million babies are dismembered in the womb and tossed out in the garbage every year in the United States alone, while the church stays quiet.  Does the Nazi holocaust come to mind?  This is no different.  See no evil, hear no evil.


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