Who Are People on the Margin of Society?

Sister Simone Campbell appeared on the “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel last night to complain about Paul Ryan being named as a running mate to Mitt Romney.  Apparently she believes that the Ryan budget demolishes the social safety net of our society.  This is totally bogus.  As soon as she came on I knew we were dealing with a radical feminist nun.  Click here to watch her on the Colbert Report.  This is a very liberal woman who only follows what she wants and not the Catholic Church in which she swore allegiance and obedience to when becoming a nun.   Liberal nuns such as Sister Simone follow  “Liberation Theology” which is a Marxist/Socialist interpretation of the Scriptures, stressing government responsibility for everyone.  All they care about is taking care of the people  “on the margin.”

If you follow people such as Sister Simone, you will find that “people on the margin” never include the unborn, only what they define as “the poor.”  Over 1.2 million babies are killed each year in the United States alone but Sister Simone does not notice.   I don’t know what she means by “the poor.”  Back to her original complaint about Paul Ryan.  Liberal Catholics, or liberal Christians, for that matter, believe that only the government can provided for the poor.  How have they arrived at this conclusion?  They believe it emotionally, not based on any facts.  Sister Simone believes that the way to help the poor is for government to give money to them non-stop, without restriction.

Here is the great divide between conservatives and liberals when it comes to helping the poor.  Liberals believe that this is the job of the government, conservatives believe that we help the poor by providing a sound economic policy that enables all people to prosper and be self-sufficient.  Conservatives believe that the individual should care for the poor.  Watch this video of Nobel Laureate Economist Milton Friedman explaining how this works.  According to Liberation Theology, government should take care of you from birth to death.  Conservatives believe that empowering people economically will lift them out of poverty; liberals believe in a socialist type of system where no one is rich and everyone is equal.

Let’s look at history to prove our point.  In 1965 President Johnson announced “The War on Poverty.”  Since then, the government has spent more than $15 Trillion dollars and we’re no better off than we were then.  In 1965, the now famous Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan raised the alarm in his historic report:  “The Negro Family: A Case for National Action” that it was a tragedy that 23% of Black children are born out- of-wedlock and that this could not be sustained.  Today over 70% of Black children are born out-of-wedlock.  We will never get out of poverty if this keeps up no matter how much money the government throws at the poor.  Has government helped the poor?  No.  Sister Simone mentioned giving people a “living wage.”  What is a living wage?  Does minimum wage count as a living wage?  I have a test for you:  Go out on a street corner where illegal aliens wait for work and offer them the minimum wage to work for you.  No one will go with you unless you pay them, say, $15 to $20 per hour.  In California minimum wage is $8 per hour.  Additionally, economists in the U.S., Canada and Europe have studied the minimum wage and have found that it produces the opposite effect:  It hurts those it tries to help by increasing unemployment.  For a further study of this I refer you to Thomas Sowell’s book “Basic Economics.”


One thought on “Who Are People on the Margin of Society?

  1. The liberal Catholic is the most dangerous liberal and be they a “nun” or “priest” are all the more dangerous. They have decimated the church and most of the Faithful while subverting the Roman Catholic Faith in their attempts to transform it. They have been in bed with the Liberal Marxists in the country and now are coming out like roaches in the light of day to advance the transformation of the country. They may succed in the country but the one true Church of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church is indefectible.

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