The Ideal Woman: A View From the Left and the Right

After Ann Romney spoke at the Republican Convention, a Fox News Channel panel analyzed her speech. When Juan Williams, one of the panelists and a liberal pro-Obama supporter,  responded by saying: “She looked like the corporate wife.” This was not meant as a compliment. Click here to view it. This comment was very much in line with how the left views women vs the right. To the left, an ideal woman is a pro-choice, pro gay-marriage moral relativist. The liberal woman views a man as irrelevant to a her needs; like the feminist saying that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. To the left, a woman like Sandra Fluke, Roseanne Barr or Rosie O’Donnell are ideal women. A corporate wife? Why she is probably a dedicated wife who raised five children whom are all married and each one successful in their own right. Of course, we can’t have that!  We need people who are dependent on the government! This is the liberal position.

The right has a totally different view of women. The ideal woman is one who prefers traditional marriage and views men as  desired partners for love and to raise a family together. A conservative woman prefers sex in marriage, a liberal woman sees sex as something to have any time with anyone she wishes, unrestrained by any moral code or any church. The right believes that children raised by both a mother and father are better adjusted psychologically and have a much higher probability to be self-sufficient and successful than a child raised by a single parent.  If you look at the studies done in this field you will find that a mother and father are the ideal way to raise kids.  The left will argue that kids can be raised by a single parent or same-sex couples just as well.  The statistics do not bear this out; just check them out.

It is a sad state of affairs; the  woman of virtue is no longer someone the left desires. This speaks volumes of the values held by each side.


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