What is the Unborn

An 11 week old unborn baby in the womb.

The most important question when it comes to abortion or pro-life issues is first, and most importantly, is to ask what is the unborn?  If the unborn is just a lump of tissue, such as your tonsils, then “pro-choice” is relevant, but the unborn is not just tissue.  Before you were an adult you were an infant, before you were an infant, you were an unborn, before you were an unborn, your were and embryo; and so on.  Can we legally kill an unborn?  An example.  Suppose that you’re a young parent.  Your two-year old child comes up behind you while you’re washing dishes and asks “mommy/daddy, can I kill this?  What question must you first ask before you can answer?  What is it?  If your child is holding a cockroach your answer is yes; if it’s your little cat, your answer is a profound no.

Scott Klusendorf, a prolific and eloquent national speaker on pro-life issues, in his booklet  Pro-Life 101 A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Case Persuasively states that there is no difference between a newborn child and an unborn child.   “The unborn differs from the newborn in four ways, none of which are relevant to its status as a human being.  These four ways are size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.” He describes the acronym SLED as a helpful reminder on the major points you need to know:
1.  Size:  The unborn are smaller than newborns, but when has size had anything to do with the rights that people have?
2.  Level of Development: True, the unborn are less developed than newborns, but this too is morally irrelevant. A newborn, for that matter, is less developed than a toddler. A toddler is less developed than an adolescent
3.  Environment:  True, the unborn is located in a different place, but how does a change in location change a non-human entity to a human one? Did you stop being a human when you walked from your car to your house?
4.  Degree of dependency:  If viability is what makes one human then all those dependent on kidney machines, heart pacemakers and insulin would have to be declared non-persons.
If the unborn is a human being, and it is, then there can be no “choice.”  No one but God has the choice as to when to terminate a human life.  When a “pro-choice” person states that abortion is “something between a woman and her doctor” what are they saying?  They’re denying the humanity of the unborn.  If you deny the humanity of the unborn, on what fact do you base your decision?  You’re opinion?  The pro-life case is not based on “choice” or “opinion” it’s based on facts:  scientific facts, and philosophical facts.  Science has established that life begins at conception.  Klusendorf in this same book quotes Dr. Landrum Shettles, the first scientist to achieve conception in a test tube: “conception not only confers life, it “defines” life.”  The list is too long to quote here but look in any Embryology textbook and see that this fact is confirmed.  Life begins at conception is not an opinion but a scientific fact.

Recently, a new scientific discovery, confirms that the human being’s life begins at conception.  Click here for the article.


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