Just returned from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles where we attended the first Go2Bat4Life event.  We estimated there were about eight thousand people there.  I was impressed with the large number of young kids there.  The event was well organized.  There were a large number of food trucks, music and great pro-life speakers such as Eduardo Verastegui, the star of the acclaimed movie Bella, as well as the young Mexican actor, Mauricio Kuri who starred in the movie, For Greater Glory.  The Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez, was also there and gave a talk in English and Spanish.

My wife and I  started the event by getting a Dodger Dog and then the entire crowed walked around the Stadium, about one mile; very easy walk.   After the walk we moved into the the field where we saw video messages on the Dodger Jumbo Tron from Tommie Lasorda and Vin Scully, and heard all the speakers on the stage, highlighted by Lila Rose, the young and dynamic pro-life advocate.  Vin, the legendary Dodger broadcaster, made a video with his wife and one of his daughters, who told a heart-rending story of what happened when she got pregnant and the doctors told her that her unborn was diagnosed with a serious heart problem.  The immediate solution:  abort.  She recounted how she and her husband decided that they could not kill their precious child, heart problem or not.

On the stage we heard testimonies from Eduardo Verstaguei and several other young women.  A particular moving story was told by a young woman who told the story of being raped at the age of 12 and becoming pregnant.  The immediate counsel:  abort.  She decided, no she was not going to create a second victim by killing her innocent unborn baby.  At the end of the talk she called her daughter up to the stage.  A beautiful girl.  Most people had tears in their eyes, including me.


One thought on “Go2Bat4Life

  1. Thank you for this story. For those of us too far away to attend the event, it was nice to hear what it was like to be there, especuially through your very detailed account.

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