Can Rape be a Reason for Abortion?

Can rape ever be a justification for abortion?  First, rape is the most horrendous crime that can be committed by one human being against another.  A rapist, in my opinion, is a sub-human animal that must be dealt with in the most severe way and never be let out into society again – yes, that means life in prison, at minimum.  Now, comes the hard part.  Can a woman who suffers such horrific violation abort her unborn, if she gets pregnant after a rape?  Many, including many pro-lifers believe that the answer to this is yes.  In this blog post I want to analyze this situation and give reasons why there is never a reason for a human being to kill another human being; unless a person has been convicted of a capital crime and sentenced to death by a court of law.  I know this is also controversial but for the purpose of this article I will not get into it.

The first question we must ask ourselves is always:  What is the unborn?  If the unborn is a human being from the moment of conception, as science has verified that it is, then no human being can be killed no matter how they came into being.  In a rape, you have a victim, the person raped.  If you abort an unborn resulting from the rape, you now have two victims:  the woman and the unborn.  Can we ever kill a human being because that particular human being reminds us of a tragic situation?  As an example, can a woman kill her two-month old baby because every time she looks at it, it reminds her of the rape?  In a September 11, 2012 article published in “The Public Discourse” Michael Stokes Paulsen says that rape is irrelevant to the right to life.  Paulsen proposes a question for the rape victim: “Suppose, following a rape, the victim becomes pregnant and delivers the baby.  But then, a year or two later – or three or four years later – the mother comes to despise the child because the child’s very life and presence reminds her, horribly, daily, painfully, of the awful experience of the rape.  Should we permit the woman to terminate the life of the two-year old or four-year-old child?.”  Most people would say no in this case.  Why not?  The four-year old is a living human being?  Yes, it is, so is the unborn.

The question that most people fail to grasp is that the unborn is a human being.  Unless you come up with a scenario where a human being can be killed by their parents at will, no matter what the age, no human being can be killed.  Simple as that.  If you do not grant this, you must then deny the humanity of the unborn, which is what most “pro-choice” advocates do.  We have a moral question here. Why can we not kill a child we don’t want, for example?  We do not have the choice.  A human life cannot be taken by another; rape, then, is not the issue.  The issue is the humanity of the unborn.  Paulsen, in the earlier mentioned article, states it this way:  “If the fetus or unborn child is an independent living human being, morally deserving to be treated as such, it should make no difference whether that fetus/unborn child was conceived by rape or incest.”

Scott Klusendorf, in his book The Case for Life puts it this way in answering the question of rape and abortion:  “How do you think a civil society should treat innocent human beings who remind us of a painful event?  Is it okay to kill them so we can feel better?”  Another question is will an abortion help the raped woman?  how?  The trauma of the rape cannot be taken away by an abortion.  Click here for  a short essay by Klusendorf on rape and abortion.  Father Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life in the United States, in his book Ending Abortion, states that an abortion cannot alleviate the trauma of rape, but it brings a trauma of its own.  On page 49 of this book Fr. Frank mentions that he knows women who’ve had abortions after a rape and who’ve come for counseling not for the rape but for the abortion.

Many “pro-choice” advocates will present the rape situation to somehow prove that abortion is ok.  This is a red herring on their part.  If someone comes up with this I ask them if they would support a law that bans abortion for all cases, except rape?  Most would not; why?They want abortion for any reason; the rape question is just a debate diversion.

There is a solution that no one mentions:  Adoption.  A woman who conceives as a result of a rape can give up her baby for adoption and never see it again.  Why is killing the baby a better option?    There are people out there begging for a baby to adopt, why not give up the baby for adoption?  Don’t want to go through the process?  You can drop off a baby at any fire station with no questions asked.  Why kill it?  Is it better to kill than to surrender the baby so a loving parent can raise it?  Here is a list of 15 famous people who were adopted.   Could your baby have been one of these?:  Click here to see the list. We don’t know if any of these were conceived in rape, but if they were, would it have made a difference.  Steve Jobs changed everybody’s life with computers.  We’ve killed over 55 million babies since 1973, the entire population of a country such as Great Britain or Italy.  Could one of these have been the one to cure diabetes, cancer or other diseases?  We will never know.


One thought on “Can Rape be a Reason for Abortion?

  1. The notion that God links particular genetic codes to cures for particular diseases is perhaps the most materialistic, unspiritual perspective anyone could take on the subject of healing. According to Jesus Christ, anyone with sufficient faith in Jesus and Jesus’ works can do them also, and even greater works. So the only reason there is no cure to date for diabetes, cancer, and some other diseases is because so many self-proclaimed Christians have had so little faith that they have not demonstrated these cures.

    I think, honestly, that the only way you will ever understand what you have actually said in this essay is by God transforming your body into a female body, letting you be subjected to gang rape and impregnation thereby. Then, if you so much as dare to suggest that this is not the greatest blessing in the universe, your government can put you in a strait jacket in a padded cell with a barrier between your teeth to insure that you will not kill yourself by biting off your tongue in order to insure that your pregnancy is carried out. The pregnancy can then cause cancer of the womb. You can choose between having your womb torn out of you in accord with the Catholic church’s heartless treatment of women with choriocarcinoma, in which case you will be disabled for the rest of your life, or giving up your life to give birth to an anencephalic infant, one incapable of sensation or thought, who will require someone else to care for it 24/7 until it dies two weeks later. I wonder if even this would wake you from your arrogant ignorance.

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