Seven Things Detestable to the Lord

The current story about the horrific findings in Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic in Philadelphia shows the complete breakdown and wickedness of our culture.  We have a culture that turns the other cheek on the killing of innocent unborn children ready for delivery and in Dr. Gosnell’s case, a child delivered alive.  This defies any form of logic.  The pro-abortion left wants to neither see or hear about the horrors of abortion.  See no evil, hear no evil.  If you dare to show them what abortion is they refuse to look at it.  If you remind them of it they will insist that it is their right to kill babies in the womb; in a perverse way, they’re right, since our laws permit it.  How is a right for anyone to kill an innocent unborn baby?

In  Proverbs 6:16 there is a list of what God detests, among which is this one: hands that shed innocent blood. The taking of an innocent life, such as  an unborn child is what I believe this refers to.  For a culture to promote and turn a blind eye to abortion such as this culture does, is detestable to the Lord.  The sad fact is that it’s not the un-churched or the non-religious only but many, many, people who call themselves, Catholic, Christian and other religions.   Check out this short video from the Fox news special on Dr. Gosnell called “See no Evil.”


3 thoughts on “Seven Things Detestable to the Lord

  1. Any rape is a horrible crime against humanity, but killing the unborn because of this creates a second victim. Killing the unborn will not take care of the horrible thing that happened to the 10 year-old; it will further hurt her. All unborn babies are human beings created in the image of God. Can you kill someone just so you can feel better? There are other options such as adoption. Please read this article that deals with this subject:

    • I don’t believe this for a second. A zygote is not a human being. It is a cell with the potential to be grown into a human being by God together with a woman, who has the right to decide whether or not she wants to grow it into one.

      The entity from zygote through unimplanted blastocyst grows partly because the ovum that was fertilized contains some oxygen-rich nutrient and because the blastocyst can scavenge loose blood in the uterus. But experiments have shown that, even with the use of the most powerful scientifically developed supernutrient, a mammalian blastocyst cannot grow for more than double the preimplantation life span – which, for human blastocysts, is 16-20 days – . without Implantation. Implantation makes the blastocyst part of the woman’s body. It receives nutrients, oxygen, and antibodies from her blood as well as other life-giving substances and functions from her live body. The embryo or previable fetus dies instantly if the live woman does, whether or not it is removed. Its life is like that of her limbs, which die if she does because it is a function of hers. That is not individual life because, if individuated and so separated from the woman’s body, it does not continue.

      At least prior to viability, therefore, abortion is the removal from a woman’s body an entity that has no life of its own. The Catholic church pretends this is not so, and pretends that the embryo has its own life from God alone, If that were true, the body of the woman would be unimportant and removing the embryo should not be a problem, because some priest could try to keep it alive himself. Good luck with that.

      Rape and incest are crimes against the laws of God. A zygote that results from rape or incest combines the chromosomes of the woman with the chromosomes of the rapist or combines the chromosomes of committers of incest. Such combinations could not occur without the crimes, so if God made them, God made the crimes and broke God’s own laws and became self-contradictory. But actually, only the word of anti-abortion zealots is self-contradictory.

      God never made a single law against voluntary abortion, and Jesus Christ never made a single statement against it, even though it occurred in Biblical times. Why not focus on the important things God and Jesus Christ taught instead of condemning 11 year old rape victims to having their bodies deformed and threatened with permanent death or ill health because of entities that are results of crimes against the laws of God?

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