Abortion is Bad But it Should be Legal?

In Bill O’Reilly’s new book, Keep it Pithy, he argues on page 105 that he is against the death penalty because it’s too lenient a punishment.  On page 108 he states that he would not outlaw abortion, but would restrict it and encourage people to see its ghastly procedure as a human rights issue.  What?  Did I read this right?  As this blog suggests by its title, logic is important here.  How can abortion be ghastly but should not be outlawed?  Is the death penalty a human rights issue or a utilitarian issue as O’Reilly suggests?  Where is the logic?

I point this out here because this is the same argument made by many liberal Christians and Catholics.  Indeed, many of my liberal friends at my church would agree with O’Reilly.  Let me put it bluntly:  this argument that abortion is ghastly but should not be outlawed is a contradiction in logic and pure nonsense.  In a logic syllogism, if you have one false premise, the conclusion is also false.  Click here to see a definition of a logic syllogism.  If a human life begins at conception, as many scientists agree that it does and if an unborn fetus is a human being just like you and me, how can you say that it is OK to kill it at any stage of life?  What does location have to do with it?  Am I a human outside of the womb but not a human while in the womb?  Before you and me were adults, we were adolescents, before adolescents, we were children, before children, infants, before infants we were called unborn babies, before unborn we were fetuses, before fetuses, a human embryo.  At all of these stages we were the same person that you see in the mirror.  Can we kill humans at early stages?  According to our abortion law we can kill a human being up and until delivered and on a table and in some cases even a live baby on a table can be killed.  Look at what President Obama did when he was an Illinois Senator.  He voted against the born alive bill three times. Click here to see just what he did as an Illinois Senator.

Recently Dr. Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of killing unborn babies outside of the womb.  Did it occur to you that the same baby, could have been killed by Dr. Gosnell just before delivery and it would have been totally legal?  He could have dismembered a perfectly healthy baby inside the womb and not be in trouble.  Where is the logic?  What universe is the person from who says you’re a human upon delivery but just meat while in the womb and fully developed?  Can a piece of meat become you and me just by plopping out of the womb?  Where is the logic?


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