The Party of Death

You’ve recently heard of the ruckus the Democrats of Texas have orchestrated against the passing of a new law restricting  abortion after five-months pregnancy and regulating of abortion clinics.  An abortion after five months of pregnancy is considered  “partial birth abortion.”  Click here for a definition of partial birth abortion.  The bill would additionally restrict abortion clinics to prevent the horrors of the Dr. Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic in Philadelphia.

The party of death, the Democratic Party, is for unfettered abortion at any time up to delivery.  Remember, Dr. Gosnell was convicted of murder because he killed babies after birth.  Had he killed the babies in the womb just before delivery he would still be a free man today.   What does a five-month old baby look like?  Click here is to see an image of a five-month old baby in the womb.  Is this baby a clump of tissue or a human being?  According to the party of death any baby can be dismembered in the womb up to delivery; they call this “women’s health.”  Excuse me, but in logic, this is crazy.  The supporters of the party of death were yelling “hail to Satan” in one of their demonstrations.  Well, I think they’re right in hailing Satan, because this is exactly what abortion is.  The party of death call themselves an advocate of the “little man” or of the poor, yet the most vulnerable of society, the baby in the womb is ripe for dismemberment and death.


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