“Pro-Choice” or it Depends What the Meaning of is, is

The other day I was watching the Hannity show where the host was conducting a Townhall-type of meeting with college students.  Now, the minute you mention college students to me, I immediately think of such adjectives as clueless, naive, left-wing seminarian, etc.  When Hannity asked these students how many of them believed in abortion on demand, half of them raised their hands.  One young woman stated what I’ve heard so many times that I can only shake my head and repeat one of the aforementioned adjectives.  This young woman said that “abortion is for each woman and her doctor to decide.”  Now would anybody say that murdering your two year-old child should be up to you and your doctor to decide?  Why not?  But, this is the level of ignorance that is repeadted  every day by non-thinkers such as college students and pro-abortion advocates.

What is the issue?  Is an unborn not a human being?  When does life begin?  You’re life and my life did not begin the minute we came out of the womb; it started as a zygote, a single cell.  This is not an opinion; science has verified this.  Click here for details.  Many of the “pro-choice” crowd will tell you that they follow only what science can prove, but when you provide the scientific proof, they change the subject; the idea that only science can provide proof is a falsehood in itself.  This is referred to as scientism.  I challenge any “pro-abortion” advocate to provide proof of their position.  I’ve never been offered one.  I’m still waiting.


2 thoughts on ““Pro-Choice” or it Depends What the Meaning of is, is

  1. It seems that you are the one who is clueless.

    Whatever is completely inside the body of a person is part of the body of that person, especially if it is biologically attached to that body and incapable of life without that biological attachment.

    Under US law, you have absolutely no right to know whether or not a woman is pregnant. If you were to subject her to a pregnancy test or sonogram against her will to find out, or you accessed her private medical records of such a test or sonogram, you would be violating her US constitutional rights, because she has the same right to privacy that a male person has.

    A woman’s sex organs are not your property, nor are they the property of any human embryo or fetus. They are hers exclusively. She has the right to rule them absolutely, to prevent you from having any access to them or to information about them, and to prevent blastocysts from implanting in them or embryos or fetuses from staying implanted in them.

    Furthermore, there is no evidence in the Bible that God ever thought He had the right to interfere with that privacy. The only pregnancies He ever takes credit for are answers to the prayers of the woman herself or the married woman and her husband and, in the singular case of Mary, a pregnancy unrelated to human sexual intercourse where the woman consented in advance to pregnancy by a method other than human sexual intercourse.

    You don’t have the right to women’s sexual organs, not as an embryo and not as a man. Get over it.

  2. Oh, and PS –
    I have already replied to other articles on your website in which I have clearly proven that the life of a born infant does not, in fact, begin with the life of the zygote.

    A zygote can be grown in a petri dish in separation from a woman’s body. It is capable of growing into a blastocyst with a short fixed life span. Though it is illegal to grow a human blastocyst for longer than 14 days in a petri dish, experiments with other mammalian blastocysts reveal the following. If the same level of oxygen-containing nutrient is provided as is found inside the womb of a female mammal of that species, the blastocyst will exhibit the same life span that it exhibits before implantation. If a scientific oxygen-rich supernutrient is provided, the most powerful one allows only a doubling of that pre-implantation life span. By the end of that doubling, the blastocyst/embryo always dies.

    A human blastocyst has a pre-implantation life span of 8-10 days. A doubling of that span would be 16-20 days, i.e., less than the amount of time between a woman’s menstrual periods. This is not sufficient for organogenesis, let alone attainment of fetal viability. Accordingly, no one can grow a blastocyst/embryo into a human being outside of an already viable human being’s body.

    All the life in the embryo/fetus from the time of implantation is the life inside the body of the pregnant woman, which is being transferred from her body to the embryo just as life is transferred from the body overall to her limbs and organs. That is why, prior to the point of fetal viability, an embryo or fetus always, always dies if the woman does – because it is living only as her limbs and organs are living, as part of her body.

    The woman is giving the embryo or fetus life that it does not have itself and is not getting just from God. As long as she is doing so voluntarily, nothing is amiss. But if you or the embryo force her to do this against her will, you or the embryo violate her liberty, and because “Where the Spirit is, there is liberty,” you or the embryo violate the Holy Spirit when you violate that liberty, And I’m not going to do that, and neither are many millions of other college-educated people in the US who are not Catholics and believe Catholicism is a false religion that blasphemes the Holy Spirit.

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