The Left, the Death Penalty and Euthanasia

Euthanasia has gained favor  in our culture.  In the United States, three states have euthanasia laws, or what they call “death with dignity,”   Oregon, Vermont and Washington.  But wait a minute, I thought the left is against the death penalty, saying it is cruel and unusual punishment; as does this article by the ultra-left wing ACLU. So euthanasia, whereby someone, willingly, takes a lethal drug dose, is called “death with dignity” but a lethal dose given by the state to a murderer is cruel and unusual punishment.  I don’t follow.

In Europe, Belgium and the Netherlands have euthanasia laws whereby a person can choose to end his or her life, simply because they’re depressed and don’t want to continue living. In Belgium twin brothers who were deaf and going blind decided to end their life for no other reason.  In Belgium, the doctor administers the legal dose.  So, again, If one asks to be killed it’s OK, but if the state does it to a brutal murderer it’s cruel and unusual punishment?  I’m lost.

An article in the Weekly Standard issue of October 27, 2014 titled “Cruel and Unusual Death With Dignity” discussed a Belgium case of a convicted murderer/rapist, Frank Van Den Bleeken.  Instead of executing Van Den Bleeken, Belgium decided to help him with euthanasia; by a doctor, and at a hospital.  You see, Van Den Bleeken requested euthanasia to end his “suffering” as a prisoner.  Yes, that is right, to end his suffering caused by prison life.  As the article points out, Belgium opposes capital punishment under any circumstances.

It gets worse for the leftists.  They’re almost unanimously pro-abortion.  So, if someone wants to end his or her life, for basically any reason, euthanasia is “death with dignity.”  On the other hand, if you have a brutal mass murderer, you cannot euthanize him because it’s cruel and unusual punishment.  So a deranged murderer like Charles Manson, who brutally murdered the pregnant Sharon Tate and three other people cannot be euthanized but someone who is depressed with life can be euthanized.  Where is the logic?  There is none.  Leftists have not only lost their souls but they’ve lost their moral compass.  They have no problem with an abortionist ripping apart a perfectly healthy, fully formed, baby in the womb, but anyone can volunteer to be euthanized and they see it as “death with dignity.”


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