Selective Outrage: the Dignity of Life and the Political Left

The recent Ferguson, Missouri riots confirm one stark fact:  The political left is outraged only when it fits their political agenda, such as when a black person is killed by a white person without regard to self-defense, or the facts.  Was the political left outraged when two Sacramento California police officers were killed by an illegal alien who had been deported three times?  Two men who gave their lives to protect the rest of us and no one is outraged like the Ferguson mob is outraged.  Were these two police officers’ lives less valuable than a street thug in Ferguson?  Why do I call him a thug?  He had just robbed a market, shoved the owner who confronted him and then walked down the middle of a street like he owned it.  What else do you call such a person?

When I refer to the political left, I’m referring to people like Al Sharpton, the main stream media such as MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Occupy Wall Street, the universities, Hollywood and other misfits.  Ferguson is a case in point.  A young thug attacks a police officer and proceeds to attempt to kill him; he is shot dead after being ordered to stop and the political left is outraged.  According to the political left, the white police officer is to blame for killing someone who was trying to kill him; well, I suppose that the police officer should have let this thug kill him, if you follow their logic.  Where is the outrage when over 500 black people are shot to death each year in the city of Chicago alone?  Did Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson come and protest these killings?  According to the political left, it’s an outrage when a white person kills a black person but not an outrage when blacks kill other blacks.  Is this not a holocaust and mindless loss of human life? it is simply to support their political agenda which states that America is racist and police are out to kill black people.  They are not interested in facts, only their agenda.  These are scary people.

Who gravitates to riots, such as in Ferguson?  I can’t prove it, but I suspect that many are anarchists, criminals, street thugs looking for a reason to cause chaos and damage to please their twisted minds, not people who are protesting the loss of a human life.


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