Has This House Become a Den of Robbers?

“Social Justice” is often used in religious circles, as a call to action.  Of course no one ever defines what they mean by the term.  Is there a difference between justice and “social justice”?  if so, how?  It is universally understood that “social justice” refers to a more left-wing interpretation of what Jesus taught, that is, to take care of the vulnerable, the weak, and the poor.  Those who promote “social justice,” more than likely, have an economic interpretation of the term, more akin to, say, income inequality.  The Bible is filled with many calls for justice; it does not qualify the term with an adjective.  In Micah 6:6-8 it states this: “O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”  In Isaiah 1:11-17 it states:  “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean, remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes, cease to do evil learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.”

What has this to do with abortion or pro-life?  Plenty.  What does it mean to do justice?  Do we do justice when we kill the unborn and call it “women’s health”?  Are we doing justice when we declare what is just only by what we feel is true and right, rather than what morality, truth and justice say is true?  Do we set ourselves up as our own god when we make these choices?  Again, the Bible here is informative.  In Jeremiah 7:1-15, the Lord says it this way:  “If you truly act justly one with another, if you do not oppress the alien, the orphan and the widow, or shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not go after other gods to your own hurt, then I will dwell with you in this place.”

In our culture, abortion is legal up to birth.  In recent time, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor in Philadelphia was convicted of murder, not for doing abortions but killing the newborn after delivery.  Here is why he was convicted:  “Jury finds Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell guilty of three counts of first-degree murder for the death of three babies that prosecutors said were delivered alive and subsequently killed. NBC News’ Chris Clackum reports.” This is how is was reported by NBC News.  Click here to read the story.  So it was plain to see that Dr. Gosnell was only convicted because he actually killed a baby after it came out of the womb. Had he killed the baby before extraction he would not have been convicted.  Now you can argue when life begins, but you cannot argue that a baby is not a human being until it comes out of the womb.  To do so, as many do, is intellectually dishonest and plain foolishness.  Are we doing justice when we kill unborn babies?  Are we doing “social justice” when we kill unborn babies?

Jeremiah 7:1-15 has this stern, but unmistakable warning:  “Will you steal, murder, commit adultery, swear falsely, make offerings to Baal ….and then come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, “we are safe!” only to go on doing these abomonations?  Has this house become a den of robbers?”  Verse 15 continues: “And I will cast you out of my sight, just as I cast out all your kinfolk, all the offspring of Ephraim.”


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