Planned Parenthood and the Left: An Inconvenient Truth

The recent Planned Parenthood undercover videos have provided a venue for a discussion that the leftist media does not want to have:  The horror of abortion.  The videos brought to our living room the truth about abortion.  Is abortion “a woman’s right to choose”? or “women’s health”?  The inescapable videos bring the truth about abortion in front of our eyes.  The killing, by dismemberment, of a human being.  There are people who do not want to see these images.  Why not?  They do not want to admit an inconvenient truth:  Abortion kills a human being in the most brutal way, by dismemberment, limb by limb.   We are horrified by the beheadings by the ISIS killers in the Middle East.   Abortion does the same thing and we call it “women’s health.”  Who are the barbarians?

Leftist politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi, say that the videos are doctored?  doctored?  have they watched any of them in full?  probably not. Click here to hear Ms. Pelosi verify this statement.  So, let me see if I understand this, you have not watched the videos but you think they’re doctored? Do you have any proof of this?  No.  On September 27, 2015, NBC’s “Meet the Press” host, Chuck Todd had Carly Fiorina on.  He thought he would catch her in a misstatement about her comment about Planned Parenthood in the last debate.  You could see he was salivating.  Carly humiliated him in her sharp, clear and concise response.  This is one for the ages.  Click here to see it.

As I was driving today, I saw a person with a bumper sticker on her car saying:  “I’m Catholic, I vote.”  Now this is a very naive person.  The truth of the matter is that Catholics are no different from the general population when it comes to voting on moral issues.  Democrats would never win an election if all Catholics voted according to church teaching, such as the sanctity of life and the importance of traditional marriage,    The sad fact is that liberal Catholics are no different from liberal atheists. Catholics, like liberal Christians and Jews, have substituted leftism as their number one religion; traditional religion is always secondary. Click here for an incisive analysis by Dennis Prager  on Joe Biden and leftism.


The Arrogant Delight in Their Arrogance

I often wonder how intelligent and educated people can be so fooled and refuse to see or even investigate some of their beliefs.  I’m speaking of “pro-choice” people.  Many of my friends and my fellow Catholics who are “pro-choice” are also intelligent and well-educated people.  How can they fail to see the logic of the dignity of the human person?  How can they fail to understand, as does science, that life begins at conception?

I’ve come to one conclusion, although I cannot prove it, and that it that these people who are “pro-choice” simply refuse to investigate the issue..  They simply want to believe what they’re comfortable with.  I know this from my experience with my “pro-choice” friends.  whenever I mention science, logic, or reason, it just goes over their heads.  A common response is “I just think that every woman should choose for herself.”  A rhetorical question I have is what is she choosing?  She’s choosing the death of a human being.  Can this be a choice?  To put it in plain terms, can you choose whether you can kill your children who are under two, for example, as long as it’s your choice?  What is the difference?

In the Book of Proverbs Chapter One states it this way:  “The arrogant delight in their arrogance, and fools hate knowledge,” Pv 1:23.  You have heard the phrase, “don’t bother me with facts.”  This reminds me of this example.  You see, I was that person for the first 40 years of my life.  I was “pro-choice” but could not tell you why except that I thought we should be able to make such decisions ourselves.  It was not until I investigated the issue that I found I had no basis for such beliefs, indeed, the evidence was totally against me.

“Pro-Choice” or it Depends What the Meaning of is, is

The other day I was watching the Hannity show where the host was conducting a Townhall-type of meeting with college students.  Now, the minute you mention college students to me, I immediately think of such adjectives as clueless, naive, left-wing seminarian, etc.  When Hannity asked these students how many of them believed in abortion on demand, half of them raised their hands.  One young woman stated what I’ve heard so many times that I can only shake my head and repeat one of the aforementioned adjectives.  This young woman said that “abortion is for each woman and her doctor to decide.”  Now would anybody say that murdering your two year-old child should be up to you and your doctor to decide?  Why not?  But, this is the level of ignorance that is repeadted  every day by non-thinkers such as college students and pro-abortion advocates.

What is the issue?  Is an unborn not a human being?  When does life begin?  You’re life and my life did not begin the minute we came out of the womb; it started as a zygote, a single cell.  This is not an opinion; science has verified this.  Click here for details.  Many of the “pro-choice” crowd will tell you that they follow only what science can prove, but when you provide the scientific proof, they change the subject; the idea that only science can provide proof is a falsehood in itself.  This is referred to as scientism.  I challenge any “pro-abortion” advocate to provide proof of their position.  I’ve never been offered one.  I’m still waiting.

Far From the Madding Crowd

Last week we attended a family reunion to welcome a cousin from the East Coast we had not seen in over 10 years.  I attended with great reluctance because most of these family members (on my wife’s side) are committed hard-core leftists who have no problem insulting others who are not of the same political stripe.  I do not discuss my politics with them, but they always feel free to discuss their twisted ideology in our company, not worrying whom they may offend.

Sure enough, after a few hours conversation one of these relatives pops off about how stupid a couple of Republican members of Congress are.  Here we go again, I thought.  One of our relatives, who is of my political stripe decided he was not having none of this insulting behavior:  He challenged them on their rudeness in no uncertain terms.  They backed off and claimed they had no idea they were offensive.

What was their offense?  besides insulting a hand full of Republicans they disagree with, they were praising Wendy Davis, the Texas legislator who raised so much fuss about the law that Texas finally approved, regulating abortion clinics and banning partial birth abortions.  To these folks, Wendy Davis is a hero.  As I pointed out in my last post, Wendy Davis believes that a six-month old, perfectly healthy baby in the womb can be killed.  Her Democratic colleagues agree heartily.  They call this “women’s health.”

It never ceases to amaze me at the lack of logic on the left.  How can a baby in the womb be killed and called “woman’s health”?  This is akin to Hitler saying that his killing of six million Jews was not really killing but a “culling of the races.”  Would a leftist who believes in abortion at any time agree that this is the same thing?  Logic compels you to make the same comparison.

This is the insanity of the left.  Believe what they believe or you’re an idiot, in their mind.  The tragic part of this is that there are many people in the US who believe as these leftists described here believe.  Let me get as far from this madding crowd as I can.

Planned Parenthood and the Road to Damascus

Abby Johnson was a typical college student at Texas A & M.  When the Planned Parenthood representative came to her College campus to recruit volunteers she stopped by to talk to her.  Not really knowing what Planned Parenthood was she asked some probing questions.  The representative explained that Planned Parenthood provides services that help women such as testing for communicable diseases, pregnancy  and others.  The abortion part of what they do was couched in harmless terms such as providing women “choices.”  In her compelling new book, Unplanned, Abby describes how the two hit it off right away and she became convinced that this was the place she would like to volunteer.

She started as a volunteer, escorting women who come to the clinic for services.  Abby proved to be a terrific worker who worked her way to become the director of the clinic.  For eight years she worked at the clinic, achieving the “Employee of the year” award in 2008.  One day a visiting doctor came to do abortions.  This doctor did abortions with the aid of an ultrasound.  Abby was asked to assist by holding the ultrasound while the doctor performed the abortion.  This is when her world changed  – her “Damascus experience.”  As she was assisting in the abortion she could clearly see the unborn was a fully formed baby, arms, legs, everything. The baby, upon felling the abortionist’s instrument touch her, recoiled as to protect herself and resisted the intrusion.  She watched to her horror as the unborn baby was sucked up by the abortionist’s vacuum.  A life was extinguished instantly.  Since she believed in what she was doing, helping women, she had a hard time reconciling what she had just experienced.

In the next year Abby fought her emotions about what she was doing in Planned Parenthood.  What Planned Parenthood told her and reality did not match.  At a regional meeting with her Planned Parenthood supervisors they discussed the fact the Planned Parenthood needed to make more money to survive; the only way to do this was to increase the number of abortions – the cash cow for Planned Parenthood.  Abby finally realized that everything she had heard about at Planned Parenthood was not only a myth but a flat-out lie.  When she brought this up with her supervisors they were not happy.  They wanted her to just follow directions.  One day she got a call at her office asking her to come to Houston, a two-hour drive from Bryan, for a meeting.  She was not told what the meeting was about.  Upon arriving she found out.  She was getting a reprimand for insubordination.  Her supervisor did not like the fact that she had dared question Planned Parenthood’s intentions.  She was asked to sign a receipt of her reprimand.

For her entire time that she had spent at Planned Parenthood, there was a pro-life group, Coalition for Life, who had offices next door to her office.  Pro-life volunteers were in front of the clinic on a daily basis trying to convince women going in for abortion not to do it.  Although there were a few aggressive ones, for the most part, the pro-lifers were prayerful and nice to her and her staff, as well as the clinic customers.  Through the years Abby developed a friendship with the leader of the pro-life group, Shawn Carney and his wife.

One day Abby’s emotions boiled over.  She decided that she could no longer work for Planned Parenthood.  She decides to visit the Coalition for Life office and speak to the staff.  After getting reassurance that they were with her and would support her, Abby decided to leave Planned Parenthood.

The book is well written and has a poetic excellence that will keep the reader glued to each page.  I read the book in several days and at times could not put it down.  This is the first book in which I read every word in it.  After leaving Planned Parenthood.  Abby was served with a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood.  They accused her of violating privacy laws  – a total misrepresentation of facts.  The book goes into detail about the law suit and how it was fought by a volunteer attorney referred by the Coalition for Life. The court appearance is told in dramatic fashion worthy of the best courtroom drama. Her attorney lays out the case in very convincing fashion.  Planned Parenthood had no case.  The judge agrees and summarily dismissed the case.  At the same time that Planned Parenthood filed their lawsuit they issued a press release.  This was mistake number one by Planned Parenthood in a series of mistakes that remind one of a bully intent on making your life miserable.  Instead of keeping her leaving secret, it unleashed an avalanche of press nationwide, including from such popular TV shows as The O’Reilly Factor at Fox News, local TV and others.  This is a most compelling story of redemption that will hit home with many people.  A book that must be read by all.

Can we Compromise on Abortion?

A friend who knows my pro-life position gave me a CD of a talk given by talk show host Dennis Prager and asked me to listen to it. Since I’m a regular listener to his show, I listened to this tape with interest. The title of the talk was “Abortion – The Case for Compromise.” Prager is a very insightful person and his arguments are always well reasoned. His premise was that a compromise could be reached between the far left, who thinks that the fetus is equivalent to a decayed tooth and the right who believes that abortion is murder. Prager said that since he is neither to the left nor to the right of this issue, he was the perfect person to argue for a compromise.

Prager made a compelling case for his position which he supported with evidence he found in his research for the talk and even the Bible. He argues that both the left and the right are wrong. The left is wrong because they equate the unborn baby with a decayed tooth and the right is wrong for calling abortion murder. Prager uses an example of calls he gets on the radio when discussing the abortion issue. In one particular instance, to prove his point that abortion cannot be compared to murder, he asks the person making this claim whether he/she believes that doctors who perform abortions should be prosecuted and jailed for murder. I found his arguments less than convincing.

I have one simple question: if the unborn is a human being, and we know that it is, when can a human being be killed and not be murder? Now if you’re talking about the death penalty exercised by the legal authority of the state, then I agree, the death of an inmate killed by the authority of the state that tried him and found him/her guilty of a crime punishable by death is not murder. The dictionary defines murder as “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.” I will argue that the capricious decision of someone to kill an unborn human being qualifies as murder. The willful taking of a human life by abortion which can be done at the will of a person for no reason, or any reason, such as she’s not ready for motherhood, or the pregnancy interferes with her career or a planned vacation is plain murder according to the earlier definition.

In my college logic class we learned about the syllogism. A syllogism consists of two premises and a conclusion. In order for the conclusion to be true, both premises must be true, so, for example, all dogs are animals, all animals have four legs, therefore all dogs have four legs is a true statement. Likewise, the killing of an innocent human being is murder, the unborn fetus is an innocent human being, and therefore the killing of an unborn is murder. Facts are stubborn things. How can you wiggle out of this? The pro-abortion followers do it all the time, but they lack any logic or reason to their argument. All they can offer is baseless platitudes, such as “a woman has a right to do with her body as she wants.” Unfortunately our culture has bought into it without ever knowing what they have bought into. Even more tragic, our fellow Christians have bought it. The Nazis had a saying that a lie repeated 100 times would become the truth to those who repeat it. Our culture has repeated the lie of abortion as “a woman’s right to choose” and now believe it as if was true.

As Scott Klusendorf, one of the most eloquent defenders of the unborn says, there is really only one question to ask regarding the evil of abortion: What is the unborn? If the unborn is the same as a decaying tooth then any woman has the right to do whatever she wants. But, if the unborn is a human being there is no way you can compromise. Truth or morality cannot and should not be compromised.

Compromise is a wonderful idea in the right context. We must compromise all the time, with our mates, our friends, even our enemies, but when it comes to moral values such the evil of abortion there can be no compromise. To compromise on moral truths is the same as watering down the truth to fit certain situations or to please some people who have a different view of abortion. In his farewell address President George W. Bush said: “But good and evil are present in this world, and between the two of them there can be no compromise.” I have no doubt that abortion is one of the greatest evil of our day. There can be no compromise between good and evil – never.