Planned Parenthood and the Left: An Inconvenient Truth

The recent Planned Parenthood undercover videos have provided a venue for a discussion that the leftist media does not want to have:  The horror of abortion.  The videos brought to our living room the truth about abortion.  Is abortion “a woman’s right to choose”? or “women’s health”?  The inescapable videos bring the truth about abortion in front of our eyes.  The killing, by dismemberment, of a human being.  There are people who do not want to see these images.  Why not?  They do not want to admit an inconvenient truth:  Abortion kills a human being in the most brutal way, by dismemberment, limb by limb.   We are horrified by the beheadings by the ISIS killers in the Middle East.   Abortion does the same thing and we call it “women’s health.”  Who are the barbarians?

Leftist politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi, say that the videos are doctored?  doctored?  have they watched any of them in full?  probably not. Click here to hear Ms. Pelosi verify this statement.  So, let me see if I understand this, you have not watched the videos but you think they’re doctored? Do you have any proof of this?  No.  On September 27, 2015, NBC’s “Meet the Press” host, Chuck Todd had Carly Fiorina on.  He thought he would catch her in a misstatement about her comment about Planned Parenthood in the last debate.  You could see he was salivating.  Carly humiliated him in her sharp, clear and concise response.  This is one for the ages.  Click here to see it.

As I was driving today, I saw a person with a bumper sticker on her car saying:  “I’m Catholic, I vote.”  Now this is a very naive person.  The truth of the matter is that Catholics are no different from the general population when it comes to voting on moral issues.  Democrats would never win an election if all Catholics voted according to church teaching, such as the sanctity of life and the importance of traditional marriage,    The sad fact is that liberal Catholics are no different from liberal atheists. Catholics, like liberal Christians and Jews, have substituted leftism as their number one religion; traditional religion is always secondary. Click here for an incisive analysis by Dennis Prager  on Joe Biden and leftism.


Taxing the Rich is a Moral Issue but Abortion is not?

In my last post I discussed the view held by President Obama and Vice President Biden that taxing the rich has a moral aspect to it.  Today we hear that President Obama is staying in a rented house in Hawaii, owned by a rich person, that is worth at least nine million dollars and pays only $300 per year in property tax after receiving a special dispensation for his property.  The previous owner had paid $48,000 per year in taxes.   See the story here.

You may ask why this is relevant to a pro-life blog.  Good question.  Both President Obama and Vice President Biden are ardent pro-abortion advocates.  Obama, as an Illinois state senator voted to deny medical help to a baby that had survived an abortion. Click here to read the story.  They do not believe that killing an unborn baby, up to actual birth, is  a moral issue but taxing the rich is.  The contradiction is astounding.  As I pointed out in my last post, there is absolutely no logic in equating morality with taxation, given how government spends tax dollars.  The moral compass is hopelessly broken for both men; north points south and south points north.