Co-operating With Evil

My liberal Catholic and Christian friends hold that “social justice” is the primary purpose of the Christian.  They define “social justice” as feeding the poor and advocating for those they classify as “victims” such as prisoners, illegal aliens and the like.  Dennis Prager, the popular radio talk show host has, what I believe is the best description of how the liberal Catholic/Christian defines “social justice.”  Click here to see this short video.  They interpret the Scriptures in a  Socialist/Marxist way.  Indeed, Liberation Theology holds to this same principle.  They choose to ignore the more fundamental principles of Christianity:  The dignity of life and the family; especially the sacredness of marriage.  Specifically, Catholic liberals ignore the very first principle of Catholic Social Justice:  the dignity of life.  On the other hand they see those of us who are pro-life as “one issue” advocates.  They, of course, are not, they’ll tell you.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church identifies certain evils as absolute and some as contingent.  An example of an absolute evil would be abortion.  An absolute evil means that it is evil under all circumstances.   An example of a contingent evil would be war.  A contingent evil is an evil that could, in certain limited circumstances, be unavoidable and not an absolute evil.  The Church, for instance, has a Just War Doctrine which specifies when a war is justified.  Abortion, however, is never justified.

Many liberal Catholic friends of mine will tell you that they are personally opposed to abortion but they think it should be legal; such as Joe Biden.  As my favorite TV detective, Columbo, would say:  “just one last question if you don’t mind.”  Why are you personally opposed to abortion?  They would often say that it kills a human being.  So, you’re opposed to it because it kills a human being but you think it should be legal?

This year is a critical year for the United States.  We have an election in less than a month to elect a new president.  Our choices are one who is a fierce defender of abortion and one who is pro-life.  You cannot be pro-life and vote for a person who is pro-abortion.  The Catholic Church defines this as co-operating with evil.  One who co-operates with evil is as guilty of killing the unborn as the doctor who dismembers an unborn in an abortion. Click here to see what the Catechism says about co-operating with evil.