Renegade Roman Catholic Nuns, the Poor, and the Unborn

American Catholic nuns who belong to The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) have been in the news for the past year because the Vatican has concluded, after a three-year investigation, that these nuns have strayed into heresy and away from Church teaching.  These are radical fenimist nuns who have adopted Liberation Theology as their main religious orthodoxy instead of what the Roman Catholic Church teaches.  The LCWR promotes a moral relativistic philosophy in direct opposition to Church teaching.  George Wiegel, one of the most important Catholic theologian in America today explains in this excerpt from his article in the National Review Online: “Minimal requisites” is no exaggeration. As Bishop Blair’s analysis of the LCWR’s assemblies makes unmistakably clear — and from materials readily available from the LCWR — there is very little in the Creed and the Catechism of the Catholic Church that is not up for grabs in the LCWR’s world: the Trinity; the divinity of Christ; the sacraments; the constitution of the Church as episcopally ordered and governed; the very idea of “doctrine”; the notion of moral absolutes; the nature of marriage; the inalienability of the right to life — Catholic teaching on all of these is not infrequently regarded in the LCWR and among its affiliated orders as impossibly old hat because of that teaching’s alleged linkage to “patriarchy.”  The LCWR promote thier view of helping the poor which is guided more by the radical leftist Liberation Theology than by the Church for which they swore a pledge of obedience.

Their leftist views on helping the poor and ignoring the abortion issue is stark.  We kill over 1.2 million unborn babies every year in the United States alone, without counting such large states as California.  If you go online to the CDC you will not find any statistics on how many people die of starvation or being poor, but we’ve killed over 55 million babies since 1973 in the US alone.  The LCWR promote leftist Democratic Party positions.  Sister Simone Campbell, for example, spoke at the 2012 Democratic Convention and derided Paul Ryan’s budget as hurting the poor.  Now where did she get the evidence for this?  She made it up.  She claims that the US Bishops said that it does, but the Bishops never made the claim that she makes.  Here is Ryan’s own Bishop defending his budget. How we help the poor is open to discussion.  The LCWR believe that if you don’t agree with the Democratic Party line, you’re not for the poor.  This is plain cow dung.  The Bible did not say what programs best help the poor.  Conservatives want to help the poor by making them rich or successful so they get out of poverty.  Sister Campbell just wants to throw money at them.

Last Sunday, the TV program 60 Minutes did an interview with Sister Pat Farrell, the leader of LCWR.  Bob Simon asked her point-blank about why they don’t talk about the evil of abortion at all.  Sister Farrell could only answer that “their way of life shows that they are for the dignity of life” or words to that effect.  Really?  They promote the Democrats who are adamant proponents of abortion.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2272) calls cooperation with abortion an evil that merits excommunication.  Oh, excuse me, the LCWR does not follow the Catechism.