They Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes

Abortion was  a more prominent topic in our recent Presidential election.  In the third debate the question of “partial birth abortion” was discussed between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Trump decried how a baby could be aborted just before birth, while Clinton praised a “woman’s choice.”  She did not defend her position favoring this procedure. Click here for more details on this.

In the election of 2008 my friend told me the story of how his neighbor, a fellow Catholic from his church, could support John Kerry  who was fiercely pro abortion.  His neighbor’s response was “there are many other issues.”  This response is very typical of liberal Catholics and Christians of all faiths who favor abortion.  Indeed, to my estimation, at least 50% of my fellow Catholics at my church favor abortion at any stage, contrary to what the Catholic Church emphatically teaches.

When it comes to elections, pro-life citizens of which I am one, believe that anyone who favors abortion is automatically disqualified for any elective position in our country.  Let me give an example:  Let’s say that there is a candidate who has all the positions that you hold, as well as your world view, and he/she would be ideal for the position, but this person favors the killing of babies even after they’re born, as Peter Singer does, the famous Professor of Bio-Ethics at Princeton University.  Singer says that a baby is unaware of its own existence and therefore can be killed upon the decision of the parents within the first couple of months after birth.  Would you still vote for this person? How about a person who has all of your world view but favors the enslavement of a certain ethnic group, such as was the case prior to the Civil War?  Would this person not be disqualified for elective office?

Catholics will often tell you that they rely on their conscience to make moral decisions and they will further argue that this is supported by the Catholic Church.  Well, they’re partly right.  The Catholic Church does allow for conscience in some instances, but it must be an informed conscience, not just whatever your conscience tells you at any moment.  The Church, in no uncertain terms, condemns abortion. The Church further states that cooperation with abortion is a grave sin, meaning that if you vote for a pro-abortion politician, you are cooperating with abortion.  So if the Church emphatically states that abortion is evil and the killing of a human being, your conscience cannot overrule this. This is not an informed conscience.  If your conscience could overrule this, then why do you need a church to guide your morality, or the Bible for that matter.  All you would need is your conscience.

In the book of Judges in the Bible, the Israelites had fallen completely away from God and had given in to immorality.  By the time of the last judge of Israel, Samson, they had fallen so far from God that verse 6 of Judges 17 states: In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.  To support abortion or to cooperate in abortion by voting for a person who does is doing what is right in your own eye.


Walk Softly or Carry a Big Stick?: Pro-Life Strategies

How do you defend the pro-life position?  Do you walk softly or do you carry a big stick?  There are good arguments for both strategies.  Our culture does not want to see what abortion looks like.  We have people like Wendy Davis, the Texas Legislator, who wants to have abortion legal from beginning until birth.  These people will never acknowledge what abortion is.  They will tell you that it’s up to each woman and her doctor to decide, but will never admit that abortion kills a human life.  They’ve done it by changing the language of the culture.  It’s not abortion, but “a woman’s right to choose.”  Abortion is called “woman’s health.”  They have been masters at changing the language.  The political left are masters at avoiding the issue.  For example, the black community will not admit that they have a problem with the breakdown of the black family.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a black person asked about how they stand on the breakdown of the black family and they will refuse to answer the question.   The abortion supporters will not let you show them a picture of an aborted fetus.  They will not look at one.

The pro-abortion side has one huge advantage:  They have the entire main stream media on their side and rooting for them.  Let’s take the Wendy Davis example, the media loves her and promotes her as if she’s a Hollywood star.  They will never ask her any questions about what abortion really is.  The August 19, 2013 issue of “The Weekly Standard” has a story on her on this issue. The article describes what happened when she appeared on ABC’s “This Week.”  The Reporter asked her about her pink shoes, and using a catheter in her filibuster; no questions on abortion.  Click here to read the story.

As Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has said:  “you will not end abortion until you see abortion.” Wendy Davis and the Texas Democratic Legislature want abortion to be legal at all stages of life.  They scream that this is their right.    I’m using the example of Wendy Davis and the Texas Legislature not to dump on them but to point out that their view on abortion is shared by the political left, the Democratic Party, President Obama and all abortion supporters.  This issue cannot be sugar-coated.  In order to see what something is you must look at it.  If you have a pain in your body do you tell your doctor not to look at it?  Scott Klusendorf, a prolific pro-life speaker makes this example:  A young mother or dad is busy washing dishes at the kitchen sink; their two-year-old child comes behind them asking ” Mommy/Daddy, can I kill this”?  What is the question you must ask:  What is it?

There are many places you can see what abortion looks like.  Fr. Frank Pavone has a good video that introduces the images and then lists the links you can click on.  The images will not play unless you click the link.  Click here to watch.    I challenge any abortion or pro-choice advocate to look at these images and tell me that abortion does not kill a human being or it’s “women’s health.”

Far From the Madding Crowd

Last week we attended a family reunion to welcome a cousin from the East Coast we had not seen in over 10 years.  I attended with great reluctance because most of these family members (on my wife’s side) are committed hard-core leftists who have no problem insulting others who are not of the same political stripe.  I do not discuss my politics with them, but they always feel free to discuss their twisted ideology in our company, not worrying whom they may offend.

Sure enough, after a few hours conversation one of these relatives pops off about how stupid a couple of Republican members of Congress are.  Here we go again, I thought.  One of our relatives, who is of my political stripe decided he was not having none of this insulting behavior:  He challenged them on their rudeness in no uncertain terms.  They backed off and claimed they had no idea they were offensive.

What was their offense?  besides insulting a hand full of Republicans they disagree with, they were praising Wendy Davis, the Texas legislator who raised so much fuss about the law that Texas finally approved, regulating abortion clinics and banning partial birth abortions.  To these folks, Wendy Davis is a hero.  As I pointed out in my last post, Wendy Davis believes that a six-month old, perfectly healthy baby in the womb can be killed.  Her Democratic colleagues agree heartily.  They call this “women’s health.”

It never ceases to amaze me at the lack of logic on the left.  How can a baby in the womb be killed and called “woman’s health”?  This is akin to Hitler saying that his killing of six million Jews was not really killing but a “culling of the races.”  Would a leftist who believes in abortion at any time agree that this is the same thing?  Logic compels you to make the same comparison.

This is the insanity of the left.  Believe what they believe or you’re an idiot, in their mind.  The tragic part of this is that there are many people in the US who believe as these leftists described here believe.  Let me get as far from this madding crowd as I can.

Governor O’Malley of Maryland and the Death Penalty: Speaking With a Forked Tongue

Martin O’Malley is the very liberal Catholic Governor of Maryland with national ambitions.  He recently boasted about having passed a law abolishing capital punishment in Maryland on March 15, 2013.  In reading the statement he put out on this, I found the reasons he gave for abolishing the death penalty very puzzling. Here they are:  costs, it does not work and possible racial discrimination.  What?  No dignity of life? Now, I don’t have any argument against him passing this law.  Although I am agnostic on this issue, I follow the Catholic church teaching which is against the death penalty.  I also believe that the death penalty is a dignity of life issue, despite the Governor’s reasons stated earlier.  Some facts:  Since 1976 only 1,264 convicted criminals have been executed in the United States by order of a competent court of law.  Since 1973 we’ve killed over 55 million babies.  Only 40 of 50 States are required to report abortion statistics, California, for example, does not report abortion statistics so the 55 million number stated earlier is a very low estimate.

I also find it curious that Governor O’Malley is not an advocate for the unborn.  As a Democrat he fully supports the Democratic Party’s pro-abortion agenda with abortion rights up to and including a born alive abortion attempt as President Obama does.  As an Illinois senator, Obama voted against the “Born Alive” bill.  Governor O’Malley supports President Obama 100% from what he’s stated in the past. As Lt. Columbo would say:  just a couple of questions before I go:  Why are you Catholic if you do not follow Church teaching? and why is an innocent unborn child fair game for killing while a convicted murderer is not?  O’Malley touts his “Catholic Faith:”  “My Catholic faith has taught me that there is no such thing as a spare person,” he said, “and we progress as a community in response to diversity.”  Click here for the full story on this from the Catholic Review.  Now that is very strange when you consider that he totally ignores his “Catholic faith” when it comes to the unborn, religious liberty, and for marriage being between a man and one woman.  Just what makes you Catholic Governor O’Malley?  Can you be a Catholic and only support 50% of what your church supports?  Governor O’Malley believes that the Church grades on the curve.  Don’t know if it does, but I would not bet on it.

This is very typical of most liberal Catholic and Protestant pro-abortion advocates.  They focus like a laser on the death penalty  and the poor, but ignore the killing of unborn babies like it never happens.  So, to put it into perspective, they concentrate on the drip in their faucet rather than the gusher of water of a fire hydrant that has been sheered off.  What universe are these people from?  Intellectual dishonesty is rampant on the left.  For the left, Catholic is not their religion, Christianity is not their religion, no, leftism is.

Renegade Roman Catholic Nuns, the Poor, and the Unborn

American Catholic nuns who belong to The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) have been in the news for the past year because the Vatican has concluded, after a three-year investigation, that these nuns have strayed into heresy and away from Church teaching.  These are radical fenimist nuns who have adopted Liberation Theology as their main religious orthodoxy instead of what the Roman Catholic Church teaches.  The LCWR promotes a moral relativistic philosophy in direct opposition to Church teaching.  George Wiegel, one of the most important Catholic theologian in America today explains in this excerpt from his article in the National Review Online: “Minimal requisites” is no exaggeration. As Bishop Blair’s analysis of the LCWR’s assemblies makes unmistakably clear — and from materials readily available from the LCWR — there is very little in the Creed and the Catechism of the Catholic Church that is not up for grabs in the LCWR’s world: the Trinity; the divinity of Christ; the sacraments; the constitution of the Church as episcopally ordered and governed; the very idea of “doctrine”; the notion of moral absolutes; the nature of marriage; the inalienability of the right to life — Catholic teaching on all of these is not infrequently regarded in the LCWR and among its affiliated orders as impossibly old hat because of that teaching’s alleged linkage to “patriarchy.”  The LCWR promote thier view of helping the poor which is guided more by the radical leftist Liberation Theology than by the Church for which they swore a pledge of obedience.

Their leftist views on helping the poor and ignoring the abortion issue is stark.  We kill over 1.2 million unborn babies every year in the United States alone, without counting such large states as California.  If you go online to the CDC you will not find any statistics on how many people die of starvation or being poor, but we’ve killed over 55 million babies since 1973 in the US alone.  The LCWR promote leftist Democratic Party positions.  Sister Simone Campbell, for example, spoke at the 2012 Democratic Convention and derided Paul Ryan’s budget as hurting the poor.  Now where did she get the evidence for this?  She made it up.  She claims that the US Bishops said that it does, but the Bishops never made the claim that she makes.  Here is Ryan’s own Bishop defending his budget. How we help the poor is open to discussion.  The LCWR believe that if you don’t agree with the Democratic Party line, you’re not for the poor.  This is plain cow dung.  The Bible did not say what programs best help the poor.  Conservatives want to help the poor by making them rich or successful so they get out of poverty.  Sister Campbell just wants to throw money at them.

Last Sunday, the TV program 60 Minutes did an interview with Sister Pat Farrell, the leader of LCWR.  Bob Simon asked her point-blank about why they don’t talk about the evil of abortion at all.  Sister Farrell could only answer that “their way of life shows that they are for the dignity of life” or words to that effect.  Really?  They promote the Democrats who are adamant proponents of abortion.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2272) calls cooperation with abortion an evil that merits excommunication.  Oh, excuse me, the LCWR does not follow the Catechism.

U.S. Catholic Church Punts On First Down

The other night at a Knights of Columbus meeting our chaplain asked if there were any questions after his brief Chaplain’s Report.  One person asked a very good question:  Why does the Church do nothing about apostate Catholic politicians who publicly rebuke the Church on abortion and marriage issues?  I’ve asked this question myself for a long time.  The chaplain, who is my pastor, and one of the best orators that I’ve ever seen, gave a very tortured and circular answer that evaded the question.  This is very typical of the U.S. Church’s position on these issues:  The Church is very timid when it comes to confronting these issues with those who publicly oppose it.  When some bishops come out and speak against those who are for same-sex marriage and abortion, they walk on eggs.    They have the ball, first and ten,  and they punt, to use a football analogy.  This is what perplexes most faithful Catholics.

The problem, I believe, is that the Church has been co-opted by the culture, and intimidated into silence.  In our politically correct culture of our day, you are not allowed to call evil what it is:  evil; if you do they will take your head off.  The Church has fallen victim to this type of intimidation.  Why, you may ask, is this the case?  The culture has many “divisions,” to use a military analogy.  The culture has the big pulpit, the main stream media, Hollywood, the Universities, public education and they have the liberal Catholics who consider, abortion and marriage to be subjective options which they totally approve of.  How do I know this?  I speak to many of my liberal Catholic friends and this is what most will tell you.  Abortion is a “woman’s right to choose,”   and same-sex marriage is now the “in” thing to do; so get on the bandwagon.

A close liberal friend of mine brought me an article the other day, written by a Jesuit priest, Fr. Thomas J. Reese, called “Is there a Political Plan B for the Bishops?.”  Jesuits are notoriously liberal and known to follow their own way, rather than the Church.  The article suggests that the bishops who’ve been outspoken about same-sex marriage and abortion during the election season should go along with what the young people want, namely same-sex marriage and the legality of abortion. Fr. Reese suggest a surrender:  “First, it is clear there is an approaching tsunami of young voters who will eventually make same-sex marriage legal in most states.  The likelihood of stopping this tsunami is very low.”  “If making abortion illegal is an impossible dream in the current political environment, what is plan B? Plan B has to be working with politicians of any stripe, including pro-abortion-rights politicians, in supporting programs that will reduce the number of abortions.”  What?  supporting programs that will reduce the number of abortions?  What might these programs be?  How about making murder legal and just supporting programs that discourage murder?  This is the insanity and the moral collapse of some church leaders.  Heaven help us.

Co-operating With Evil

My liberal Catholic and Christian friends hold that “social justice” is the primary purpose of the Christian.  They define “social justice” as feeding the poor and advocating for those they classify as “victims” such as prisoners, illegal aliens and the like.  Dennis Prager, the popular radio talk show host has, what I believe is the best description of how the liberal Catholic/Christian defines “social justice.”  Click here to see this short video.  They interpret the Scriptures in a  Socialist/Marxist way.  Indeed, Liberation Theology holds to this same principle.  They choose to ignore the more fundamental principles of Christianity:  The dignity of life and the family; especially the sacredness of marriage.  Specifically, Catholic liberals ignore the very first principle of Catholic Social Justice:  the dignity of life.  On the other hand they see those of us who are pro-life as “one issue” advocates.  They, of course, are not, they’ll tell you.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church identifies certain evils as absolute and some as contingent.  An example of an absolute evil would be abortion.  An absolute evil means that it is evil under all circumstances.   An example of a contingent evil would be war.  A contingent evil is an evil that could, in certain limited circumstances, be unavoidable and not an absolute evil.  The Church, for instance, has a Just War Doctrine which specifies when a war is justified.  Abortion, however, is never justified.

Many liberal Catholic friends of mine will tell you that they are personally opposed to abortion but they think it should be legal; such as Joe Biden.  As my favorite TV detective, Columbo, would say:  “just one last question if you don’t mind.”  Why are you personally opposed to abortion?  They would often say that it kills a human being.  So, you’re opposed to it because it kills a human being but you think it should be legal?

This year is a critical year for the United States.  We have an election in less than a month to elect a new president.  Our choices are one who is a fierce defender of abortion and one who is pro-life.  You cannot be pro-life and vote for a person who is pro-abortion.  The Catholic Church defines this as co-operating with evil.  One who co-operates with evil is as guilty of killing the unborn as the doctor who dismembers an unborn in an abortion. Click here to see what the Catechism says about co-operating with evil.